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Data - the ultimate competitive advantage for agencies

Our consumer, business, donor, and specialty databases give our agency clients the tools and intelligence they need to achieve exceptional results for their customers and for themselves. Here are some of the ways it can be used to differentiate your business:

Leverage data to win the new business pitch

By having access to an always-on source of consumer insights, agencies can demonstrate their knowledge of a prospect’s unique industry positioning and audiences while providing a glimpse into the actionable new insights they will get once the relationship is formalized.

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"Working with Data Axle, we can give our clients the analytical and communications planning support they need to enhance their internal resources and increase their campaign success."
Vice President, CRM Data Integration and Technology
Strengthen analytics and insights

By 2021, marketers expect to spend an average of 22% of their marketing budgets on data and analytics. For the average enterprise with 500+ employees, this equates to a $5 million increase in data and analytics budget in just four years. Agencies need to offer advanced data and analytics services – through a team of their own or a partner – to claim a slice of this growing pie.

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Develop data-driven personas

Anyone can build personas as long as they have a customer file, but it’s the addition of third-party data that really helps brands get into the mindset of their various audiences. Agencies can differentiate themselves by bringing this type of data to the table for their clients to ensure personas include the most recent business and consumer attributes available.

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Digital data
Improve client campaign performance

Data is a vital resource for agencies looking to meet and exceed their clients’ performance goals. Agencies can help their clients achieve the best results by employing Data Axle’s industry-leading consumer and business data to do everything from improving planning and targeting to getting better onboarding rates, and even enabling identity resolution to power cross-channel marketing programs.

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Extend services to keep pace with change

Today’s agencies are expected to bring deep data expertise to the table when partnering with brand clients. Being able to scale an agency’s internal capabilities up as needed to meet new client demands presents a continual challenge. To tackle it, agencies white-label data services such as data processing, data management consulting, and data sciences which helps them improve their clients’ ability to understand their own data.

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Data-driven solutions that help agencies meet their clients’ goals

Lead generation
Keep a steady flow of vetted, highly qualified leads coming to your customers' sellers. Using intent data, you can identify prospects who are in the market for your clients services, and get detailed information on the best ways to reach them.
Acquisition email
Help your clients grow their customer base. Using custom-built audiences you can identify, target and reach your clients' desired prospects with measurable, permission-based emails that drive ROI.
Marketing services
Data Axle's team is filled with specialists who help agencies plan and execute creative, data-driven campaigns across dozens of areas of marketing, from cutting edge digital and social advertising tools to traditional direct mail campaigns.
"In today’s evolving digital landscape, brands are making the smart decision to have more control over their first and third party data while keeping privacy a top priority. Data Axle is uniquely positioned to help. We not only offer privacy compliant consumer and business data for enhancing customer profiles, but we also bring decades of experience in data processing and data science to help ensure agencies and brands can drive greater insights and optimize audience targeting, all while honoring the best practices in the industry."
Bob Toth, SVP & GM, Data Licensing | Data Axle
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