Welcome to Data Axle.

We help you achieve your goals through data, technology, and services.
You might know us as Infogroup - a leading provider of data across the United States and Canada. Now, as Data Axle, we help you grow towards your business goals - from acquiring and retaining customers, to developing actionable business intelligence, or building the perfect product.
How we help

We’re bringing together the right data, services, and technology to help you grow towards your business goals.

We combine data, analytics, consulting, and campaign execution to help you continually acquire profitable new customers.
Our retention solutions make use of our data and services to reduce attrition rates, increase lifetime value, and build lifetime loyalty.
Our data and services help you power learning opportunities that improve business performance and deepen insights.
Data licensing
Companies, from startups to Fortune 500, license our data to power search engines, provide points-of-interest data, manage risk, and much more.

Here are some products and services our clients are using to acquire and retain new customers, build better products, and get better business intelligence:

Our Data
Consumer data

Our consumer database is compiled from data provided by more than 100 sources, including real estate, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, bill processors, and more, giving businesses the ability to build marketing campaigns based on hundreds of data attributes that are updated in real-time.

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Data processing

Data Axle processes billions of consumer and business records each month to help companies eliminate waste, avoid messaging out-of-date contacts, and boost response rates. Our clients depend on our processing services to continually improve their sales and marketing efforts and avoid costly mistakes caused by dirty data.

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Acquisition programs

We help you target new audiences through email by giving you access to a database of over 140 million fully cleansed, emailable B2B & B2C records, targetable based on hundreds of demographic and firmographic attributes. You can target based on this data directly from our acquisition platform, making it easy to test different combinations of attributes.

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Database Services

Data Axle builds and manages marketing, prospect, and analytic database solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. Our in-house database experts combine our decades of expertise and hands-on experience with the best technology on the market to fit the current and future needs of each client.

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The trusted partner for over 100,000 businesses
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As the stewards of billions of data points that thousands of organizations depend on, we take reliability, accessibility, and accuracy very seriously. The trust our clients have put in us over the last 45 years is proof that we know how to make good on our promises.
Our data and technology power many of the tools, platforms, and content you come in contact with every day, and we want to do right by those who build them. That’s why we're completely transparent about where our data comes from and how it’s validated.
We tenaciously pursue quality for every dataset, solution, and service we offer. We make 24 million phone calls and invest $20 million each year to verify our data and develop new technology and services that enable our clients to make better use of it.
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