Measure and improve email deliverability

Companies use Inboxable® to track and optimize email deliverability – from inboxing and open rates to blocklist monitoring, SPAM complaints, engagement levels and growth rate.

Track deliverability

Ensuring that an email is delivered to its intended recipient is the first step to a successful email campaign, and often, the most challenging one. Data Axle’s Inboxable tool helps you track all key deliverability metrics in a single interface – from inboxing and bulk rates, to SPAM complaints, and blocklistings.

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Get more emails in the inbox and better email marketing results

Professional support

Data Axle’s Inboxable tool is supplemented with the service of a dedicated deliverability expert who provides strategic support and recommendations on warming up your IPs, increasing inboxing rates at different ISPs (like Gmail and Outlook), and mitigating any deliverability risks or issues that arise with your email campaigns.

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Unprecedented visibility

Use our easy-to-read dashboards to view real-time deliverability reports on how your email campaigns are inboxing.

Access very specific details like global inbox placement data by ISP, sub-folder inbox placement at popular email services like Gmail and Outlook, spam trap data, DMARC data, Google reputation data and more.

Easily understand when and why your emails trigger spam filters so you can adjust course in real-time.

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Actionable insights

Work with the Data Axle’s Inboxable team to conduct assessments of your in-house email programs and collaborate with them to develop new strategic approaches to increasing open rates, reducing bounce rates and spam complaints, and evolving your relationships with customers to get more of them to take action on the messages you send.

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