Solutions for Financial Services companies

Mitigate risk, nurture relationships, and build new products
We help financial institutions mitigate risk, build relationships, determine the best offers for each audience, and develop more effective tools for their customers and employees.
Improve customer retention and increase lifetime value

Use predictive marketing to generate revenue and enhance the customer experience by creating highly relevant offers and services, all through the use of a variety of data points spanning intent, purchase history, life events, psychographics, and more. Pinpoint the right time to put offers in front of each individual customer.

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Tailor your messaging to each audience segment

Data Axle’s team uses predictive models and machine learning to help you identify new and micro-segments within your audience. We then help your marketing and sales teams develop personalized, highly targeted campaigns that resonate with each group based on their needs, interests, and values.

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"It’s been a career highlight to support two of the five largest financial services companies in the country. I've loved helping them mature their communication strategies so they can effectively deliver the tools their customers need to manage their financial future. I look forward to continuing to empower them to rethink how they structure and leverage their own data as well as Data Axle’s, to acquire new customers, build brand loyalty, and deliver meaningful, data-driven communications. "
Kyle Henderick
Sr. Account Director
Prioritize prospects and mitigate risks with predictive analytics

With predictive analytics and a wealth of data updated in real-time, you can get information on existing and prospective clients on demand, to understand which products and services they’re likely to need and whether or not they qualify for them.

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Make your data actionable and secure

We can help you put technology and processes in place that give your entire organization a foundation of accurate data, linked through our unique persistent IDs that support identity resolution. Our team of security experts ensure your data is secure and compliant with any laws and regulations.

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"I really appreciate the one-on-one support we have received from Data Axle. During the migration, their team was instrumental in ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. I’ve managed a number of other platform migrations and I can confidently say that I have received the highest quality of service from Data Axle's team.""
Email Marketing Specialist
Ensure important documents reach the intended recipient

Using our suite of postal processing solutions, we will ensure you’re working with the most up-to-date and deliverable business & consumer addresses to reduce the risk of delivery failure for important documents. When using email Data Axle’s proprietary deliverability service will help you get more of your messages into your recipients’ inbox.

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Use our data in your own systems and products

Use our business and consumer data to enhance your own processes and products and ensure your team leverages accurate information in real-time. Take our data a step further and drive intelligent decision-making or expand the functionality of a product or feature.

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Get direct feedback from your customers

Data Axle’s team can help you plan, create, and manage programs to collect first-hand data from your customers through polls, surveys, and more, so you can get direct input on their preferences, habits, and values and use this insight to improve customer experience, communication strategy, and marketing campaigns.

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