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Power your product with our industry-leading data

We work with a variety of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our data powers the top search engines, provides points-of-interest data to US in-car navigation systems, is used to manage risk, provide direct marketing services, and much more.

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Every use case is different

Our business and consumer data can be leveraged to create and improve innovative products and solutions in any industry. We understand that each use case is unique. This is why, when licensing our data, you have the ability to incorporate exactly the data you need where you need it. You can make use of the data in a way that makes it an asset to your company and ultimately improves your customer experience.

Get the most complete view of every business and consumer in the US & Canada

Data Axle’s databases include demographic insights on individuals and households as well as firmographic insights on businesses across the US & Canada. We provide high-value details about traditional brick-and-mortar locations and the growing number of home-based businesses operated by entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, consultants, and service providers across every industry. This makes our data an essential ingredient in everything, from marketing and sales to product development.

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Unparalleled data quality, with a human touch

To make sure the data our clients receive is as accurate as possible, we put human verification at the core of our validation process. Our dedicated team of over 300 data specialists call more than 500,000 businesses each week to verify and expand our records to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date information you can get.

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"The business data delivered by Data Axle has provided an unparalleled level of intelligence that Verizon uses to improve coverage and service. We look forward to continue using their world-class dataset to develop impactful insights that shape our business."
Pradeep Varadan, Manager
Geospatial Data Science, Global Products and Solutions

Keeping up with changes in real time

With Data Axle, you can rest assured your data is up-to-date and ready for you or your customers to use at any time. We provide access to real-time data on openings, closings, address changes, business filings, permits, and countless other details about virtually every business in the United States and Canada.

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License our data for:
Insurance, risk &
financial solutions

to ensure users have up to date information for underwriting, risk assessment, fraud detection and to improve efficiency


to power GIS applications with the right data to support mapping technology and gain insights on specific geographical areas

GPS & navigation

to ensure in-car navigation systems are powered by first-class data and navigates users to the right places

Local search &
delivery applications

to ensure business listings are current and up to date so they can be found online and product deliveries make it to the right location

Marketing &

to provide reliable and high-quality insights with demographic and firmographic data to drive the best performance of models and marketing solutions


to ensure their products and applications answer the question “what time does the pizza place down the street close”


To assist federal agencies in identifying and filling information gaps to mitigate risk, locate hard-to-find entities, and gain operational efficiency.


to provide the ability to access or create digital audiences intended to reach ideal customers across multiple channels

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"Japanese companies are very strict on quality standards, Data Axle’s data is very extensive and trustworthy due to the verification process and cleansing. We are very happy working with Data Axle and looking forward to many more years for great business partnership "
Yoko Hiji
Senior Manager of Business Development
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