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Data Axle's acquisition email enables you to identify, target and reach your desired prospects and acquire new customers with a channel that will deliver higher ROI – email.
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Effective, measurable email campaigns that drive ROI

By adding acquisition email or prospect email marketing to your next campaign, you’ll not only reach your goals – but exceed them. By using permission-based emails, you’ll gain full visibility into how your campaign is performing and understand how it’s improving the bottom line with our attribution reporting. You’ll have the power to tie recent acquisitions back to the recipient of your email.

Email custom-built, high-value audiences

Your acquisition emails can be sent to a variety of target audiences, from your current prospect list, your deanonymized website visitors or to a custom designed, modeled audience. By leveraging Data Axle’s industry-leading data and our experienced data science team, we can take your current audience profile, and find traits and patterns that will uncover your perfect prospect and build a unique custom audience that will deliver results.

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Fully compliant data for a privacy-centric world

Our data is GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, DMA, ISO and SISA compliant – and we are always on top of the latest regulations, proposed bills and industry guidelines. Data Axle helps ensure uncompromised security and privacy across your email prospecting campaigns so you can reach your audience safely and securely.

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Our experienced team will help you acquire new customers

Over the last 20 years, we’ve partnered with over 2000 companies for their acquisition needs. In fact, Data Axle sends over 1.5 billion acquisition emails every year with an average delivery rate of 97%. We know that acquisition is the lifeblood of business growth, and we are committed to helping you develop, execute, and maintain a successful, fully-compliant email acquisition program.

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"We have carefully crafted a solution that checks every box necessary to develop, execute, and maintain a successful email acquisition program. With extensive data experience, and over twenty years of experience in email technology and strategy we have created a winning solution."
Lori Colantuono, Vice President Enterprise Solutions
Data Axle
Strategically bring your direct mail file into the digital space

Our dedicated team of Deliverability Strategists monitor your campaigns, develop deployment strategies and guide your tactics to ensure they are being deployed strategically. Taking a well-thought-out approach is especially important when messaging ice-cold prospects. Our Match and Deploy solution allows us to perform offline to online matching. We take your direct mail prospect file and append email to turn it into a digital solution.

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