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Our consumer database is compiled from data provided by more than 100 sources including real estate, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, bill processors and more, giving businesses the ability to build marketing campaigns based on hundreds of data attributes that are updated in real-time.

Use the data to build actionable insights, impactful campaigns, and meaningful relationships.
Clean, update, and validate your data

Use our data to validate what you already know, remove duplicates, and eliminate out-of-date information so you can create time- and cost-effective campaigns that reach the right people.

Reach customers

Target customers through direct mail, email, social media, display, IoT, and other channels based on what our data tells you about where they spend their time and focus their attention.

Discover insights

Fill gaps about what you already know about your customers, understand their habits, priorities, and life stages, and use that information to find common ground and create campaigns that resonate with them.

Create a 360-degree view of each consumer and get to know them better


Data Axle has up-to-date data on millions of customers and households
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Data Axle has data on over 320 million consumers in the U.S. and Canada
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  • Tech-Savvy Millennial

    Male, 36 years old 

    Tech enthusiast 

    Social media active 

    Great financial credit 

    350 Attributes

  • Luxury Buyer

    Female, 45 years old 

    Has second property 

    Lives in New York City 

    Purchaser of high-end brands 

    350 Attributes

  • New Mortgage Holder

    Male, 34 years old 

    Registered voter 

    New homeowner 

    Graduated business school 

    350 Attributes

  • Recent College Graduate

    Male, 25 years old 

    Credit card type: gas 

    Politically active 

    Bargain spender 

    350 Attributes

  • First Car Buyer

    Female, 25 years old 

    Mortgage loan amount: $100,000 

    Outdoor enthusiast 

    In market for a car 

    350 Attributes

  • Rural Medicare Aging-in Active Senior

    Male, 64 years old 

    Healthy and active 

    Leans liberal 

    Needs additional Medicare insurance 

    350 Attributes

  • One-Time Lapsed Donor

    Female58 years old 

    Luxury vehicle buyer 

    Avid charitable donor  

    Lives in Seattle, WA   

    350 Attributes

  • Lifelong Political Donor

    Male, 67 years old 

    Frequent donor 

    Tennis enthusiast 

    Household income: $350K 

    350 Attributes

  • Holiday Gift Givers

    Female71 years old 

    Recurring donor 



    350 Attributes

  • Frequent Omnichannel Shopper

    Female, 31 years old 

    Fashion enthusiast 


    Master’s degree 

    350 Attributes

  • Eco-Conscious Car Owner

    Female, 35 years old 

    Small business owner 

    Politically active 

    Outdoor enthusiast 

    350 Attributes

  • New Father

    Male, 41 years old 

    In market for a new vehicle 

    Two children in household 

    Avid DIY-er 

    350 Attributes

  • Infrequent Leisure Traveler

    Male, 36 years old 

    Estimated family vacation expenses: $5,000 


    Tech savvy  

    350 Attributes

  • Coupon Clipper

    Female73 years old 


    Online / TV Shopper 

    Bargain Hunter 

    350 Attributes

  • Suburban Soon-to-Be Parent

    Male, 34 years old 

    Head of household 

    Ad tech professional 

    Gym member 

    350 Attributes

  • Frequent Business Flyer

    Male, 55 years old 

    Dallas, TX 

    Household income: $300K 

    Loyal to travel hospitality brands 

    350 Attributes

  • Active on Social Media Pet Owner

    Female34 years old 

    Nashville, TN

    Pet owner 

    Active on social media 

    350 Attributes

Activate our consumer data in your own way

Use Data Axle’s products to access all of the data you’re subscribed to within software that enables you and your team to prospect, research, analyze, and leverage our data in real time.

Integrate our APIs into the applications you build or tools and platforms you use to enhance them with a wealth of in-depth, real-time data that is continually verified by our research team. We offer plenty of documentation and support to make it easy, so you can connect to the data feeds you need quickly and stay focused on building a great product or developing informed business insights.

Our diverse team of data specialists can help you find the right data, set up delivery, or handle custom processing whenever you need them. We use a number of proprietary tools and processes developed to cater to our clients’ real day-to-day needs.

Access Data Axle’s data within public digital marketplaces including DMPs, DSPs, and data exchanges such as Blue Kai, Lotame, LiveRamp, and more to target the audiences you want to reach online.

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“Data Axle’s analysis allowed us to redirect our efforts and reach consumers when they were most engaged and ready to consider a new purchase – resulting in a 19% lift in activation from existing users.”

Director, Digital & Ecommerce for Consumer Products | Resideo

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