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“We’ve worked with Data Axle for years. They have been a true partner in everything from providing us valuable consumer data for prospecting to better enriching our consumer data. They have also been a strategic partner in helping us define and build the segments we leverage across our marketing, and execute our marketing at scale. Having a partner like Data Axle allows us to center our marketing in a way that truly connects with our audience.”

Armando Luna
VP of Individual Medicare Sales & Distribution, CVS Health

“Data Axle has been an invaluable partner in our marketing journey. Their expertise in building and managing our marketing database has allowed us to define our customer segments and integrate personas into our strategies effectively. Their supply of valuable consumer data has significantly enriched our marketing efforts and improved our understanding of our customers and prospecting audience.

Additionally, Data Axle has played a crucial role in expanding our email capabilities, enabling us to connect with our audience in a more personalized manner. With Data Axle as our partner, we can center our marketing efforts around targeted audiences, leading to more impactful campaigns, stronger connections with our customers, and higher ROI.”

Kim Kolakowski
VP Database Marketing, Credit Marketing & Gift Card Marketing

“The business data delivered by Data Axle has provided an unparalleled level of intelligence that Verizon uses to improve coverage and service. We look forward to continue using their world-class dataset to develop impactful insights that shape our business.”

Pradeep Varadan
Manager – Geospatial Data Science, Global Products and Solutions

“Working with Data Axle has been an integral part of my journey since 2005, during my tenures (as co-founder) at Groundtruth and Chalk Digital. Data Axle provides high quality data with a high level of consistency which makes it ideal for products and applications. The foundation data layer is critical for driving optimum customer experience and monetization of the service. Over the years, I have witnessed the amazing transformation of Data Axle from compiling printed phone books as its primary source to cloud hosted environment and providing data for machine learning and digital campaigns. Working with Data Axle isn’t just about data; it’s about a partnership that drives success and innovation.”

Chandra Kholia
Co-founder & CTO

“A fundamental part of Yext’s digital presence platform is helping business locations be easily found by consumers. Data Axle, with its expansive network of local search and vehicle navigation partners is a critical channel to help us do this. We’re proud to have partnered with Data Axle for over 10 years and are excited to continue our partnership!”

Kate Novick
Senior Director, Global Product Partnerships
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