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From everyday research to new business ventures, our library patron users leverage our data for growth and success.


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Data resources for your library patrons

Data Axle Reference Solutions was created in 1998, under the name ReferenceUSA, to provide libraries with the most up-to-date business and consumer data available. Now, our product is widely available at places including the New York City Public Library, Yale University Library, and libraries of all sizes across the United States.

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The premier research and reference tool

We categorize our data so your library cardholders, patrons, and students can get what they need without any headaches. You’ll give them access to valuable information they can search to:

  • Find jobs by job skills, location, and industry
  • Find business opportunities
  • Locate companies nationwide
  • Research business executives
  • View historical market trends
  • Track down addresses and phone numbers
  • Discover news articles for research
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Give your patrons access to the data they need

Our Reference Solutions provide libraries with services to meet their needs:

Robust marketing plans

Use our quality data to expand marketing research efforts for local businesses and more. Our data provides deeper insights into demographics, firmographics, and lifestyle traits of businesses and consumers.

Compare and learn

Compile our data to create a competitor’s report to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in your specific location or across the U.S.

Career opportunities

Jobseekers who visit your library can use our Reference Solutions to find job openings, human resources information, and other supplementary materials.

Potential business areas

Many small businesses get their start with research done by library patrons. Our data can help them find the best place to open up shop.

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