Solutions that drive real-time business intelligence

Data Axle provides in-depth data on millions of businesses, consumers, and decision-making executives. Using this insight, businesses can identify impactful market opportunities and uncover how, when, and where to reach customers in order to build a lasting relationship with them.
Data is the foundation. Intelligence is the fuel.

Data Axle’s intelligence solutions deliver sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning models, powering learning opportunities that improve business performance and deepen insights. Our Data Science group develops models and learning curriculums, and works with the consumer intelligence/business intelligence groups within client organizations.

Our models are transparent and applicable in any CRM platform or marketing ecosystem partner, and focus on four key areas:

Understand as much as possible about the buyer’s behaviors, wants, and needs
Understand each platform’s strengths and users
Develop a relevant customer experience using data to determine their needs, habits, and preferences
Use data and analytics to predict and track the performance of your campaigns
"The business data delivered by Data Axle has provided an unparalleled level of intelligence that Verizon uses to improve coverage and service. We look forward to continue using their world-class dataset to develop impactful insights that shape our business."
Manager – Geospatial Data Science, Global Products & Solutions
Make your cross-channel campaigns more accurate

Combine predictive modeling, budgetary constraints, as well as campaign and channel data to continually refine and optimize your programs across digital, social, display, video, print, and TV. With our real-time data on consumer insights, creative and campaign performance, we enable you to optimize your programs over time so they exceed your goals.

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Eliminate guesswork from your creative

Data is no replacement for creativity, but it’s invaluable when it comes to figuring out which creative will work for your audience. Data Axle can help you split-test dozens of creative elements across different campaigns and audiences, identify what drives the actions you’re looking for, and lead you to new ways to create and engage segments through your design.

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Augmented intelligence

Our team programmatically combines the best of human intelligence with evolving and emerging technologies like our Data Axle platform, Data Lakes, Google TensorFlow, Databricks, and Spark to create augmented intelligence solutions designed from the ground up to respond to the specific data needs and challenges of our clients.

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"Once enterprises have established core intelligence systems, they’re ready to invest in the engineering and ML capabilities that will give them a durable competitive advantage in their industries. "
Michael Krueger
VP of Data Science, Data Axle
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