Lead Generation

Lead Gen services for B2B and B2C marketers
Data Axle’s Lead Gen services help marketers acquire, reactivate, and upsell to B2B and B2C customers through complete end-to-end lead generation programs.

B2B Lead Gen

It’s simple. You give us your downloadable assets (whitepapers, case studies, ebooks) and we create co-branded, targeted emails that we send to your hand-selected prospects and best customer lookalikes. The result is highly qualified, verified, and interested leads, sent to you in a variety of formats or fed directly into your CRM platform, database solution, or campaign deployment tool. 

Our comprehensive process includes:

100% verified and enriched leads

Highly trained, in-house call center experts contact surging, targeted customers to verify every lead. Leads are additionally enhanced using our industry leading business database to ensure every record contains the company name, contact name, title, address, industry, phone, email, domain, and employee count along with the content that was downloaded to help you start a productive conversation.

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Emails that are verified for B2B use

All of our email addresses are gathered through legal and ethical means and are 100% GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant, so you can hit ‘send’ without worrying about issues like tanking your open rates or getting flagged as spam.

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Lead Generation powered by intent

Intent data helps you spot likely-to-buy decision makers ahead of time, understand what is on their minds, and make informed decisions about how to approach them. Using Data Axle’s intent data, we create Account Based Marketing (ABM) lists that include active buying signals based on search topics which indicate an even greater likelihood that the prospect is ready to purchase. 

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Connect B2B leads to B2C behavior

Your B2B leads are consumers too. Using our B2C Link database, we can give you a unique view of your audience that combines their business and consumer characteristics. This makes it possible for you to create accurate profiles that can aid in future conversations, or provide key insight into other prospecting activity.

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Lead replacement guarantee

We are confident that our B2B Lead Gen service will fill all stages of your pipeline with opportunities and we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is. If you find any out of scope leads, we’ll replace them — no questions asked. This guarantee applies to leads generated in more than 50 countries.

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"The challenge for today’s B2B marketer is twofold; precision and patience. Data Axle tackles this challenge head-on through our best of breed business data, updated in real time, and our comprehensive intent data that signals when your prospect is “in-market” to purchase your product or service. This powerful combination of business and intent data enables our clients to target their buyers when they are most receptive through a combination of content syndication, display, and data licensing."
Ken Stout, Senior Vice President B2B Lead Gen
Data Axle

B2C Lead Gen - Co Registration

Data Axle’s B2C Lead Gen solution helps companies — from midsize to large enterprises — acquire new prospects, reactivate inactive customers, and encourage repeat purchases, through paid opt-in digital marketing placements. 

Here are the highlights:

End to end management

We’re a full-service B2C Lead Gen agency which means every campaign is customized to your needs and managed from initial concept and design, through setup, deployment, and measurement. We will determine the right mix of media partners to activate, identify placement/creative specifications, and use our custom reporting engine to measure success and continuously improve performance.

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Acquire new prospects and reactivate existing customers

Our partner network of more than 800 websites and 50 publishers gives us the ability to tap into dozens of verified sites to get your message or offer in front of countless  new audiences which makes it easy to acquire new customers and remind existing or lapsed ones why they became customers in the first place. 

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Gain valuable insight

Using Data Axle’s consumer data, covering over 280 million US and Canadian consumers, we’ll append valuable attributes to your new leads — gender, location, age, income, and many more — and cleanse emails using our proprietary email hygiene solution. We’ll then deliver them straight into your CRM platform, database solution, or campaign deployment tool.

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Multichannel lead cultivation

Once we capture new prospects, we can help you further cultivate them through a variety of campaigns and channels, including email, display, SMS. Our data science team can go deep into their composition and help you create accurate profiles, lifetime value models and much more to ensure you keep growing your audience.          

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