Solutions for Insurance Companies

Custom solutions to help insurance companies power growth

With 50+ years of experience serving the largest insurance carriers and employee benefit companies, Data Axle understands the complexity of their business and knows how to help them meet and exceed their goals.

Manage data for retention or acquisition

We manage data for some of the largest insurers in the United States, helping them leverage technology to grow their business and improve engagement. With a foundation of accurate data, linked through our unique persistent IDs to support identity resolution, you’ll be able to support your existing programs and build new ones.

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Enable agents in the field to find and manage clients

Using Data Axle Genie, insurance companies can help their agents by providing an application that allows them to discover new leads, track sales, and manage prospective clients. With over 15,000 active users, Data Axle Genie helps enterprise users manage their sales challenges every day.

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Use our APIs to add new capabilities to your products

Our APIs make it easy to connect our data and insights to your own data warehouses and applications in ways that enhance it without adding extra layers of technology and support for your organization to manage. Pre-fill applications, or delivery data directly into your lead generation applications.

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"Time is our most valuable resource, and Data Axle's applications deliver in terms of time saved. They have also given our sales force the tools they need to increase efficiency and productivity. As we head into 2021, we are excited to see the results of our new lead generation and sales processes."
Senior Manager Sales Technology | Aflac

Empower your data sciences teams with the best data available

Most insurers have multiple data suppliers, but that doesn’t always mean they have the best data available. For 50+ years Data Axle has been leading the charge in supplying quality data to our customers to support intelligence, acquisition, retention, and product development goals.

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Deploy HIPAA compliant email messages to connect with more prospects

Privacy is a top concern in the digital world. However, most technology companies do not address the unique needs of insurance companies who must offer HIPAA compliant solutions. Data Axle offers HIPAA compliant emails and custom audience segments that allow insurers to safely connect with more prospects, who are in the market to purchase a new policy.

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Leverage services to support your team

Every day, we help insurers process data files, find unique data sources, build and deploy campaigns and perform any number of other services. Our insurance clients value the ability to leverage the wide range of services Data Axle offers, which lets them focus on their core business while keeping pace with the never ending set of new initiatives they have to execute each year.

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