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Data Axle offers a comprehensive view of tens of millions of businesses across the United States and Canada

With nearly 300 data attributes, our database offers a complete view of almost every business in the United States and Canada – from the Fortune 500 down to mom-and-pop shops and work-from-home freelancers. Our database of business records is updated in real time and features rich information including street address, phone number, hours of operation, number of employees, online presence, SIC code, business contacts, and much more.

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Validate your existing business data, remove duplicates, and update out-of-date information, so your data is clean and effective. Your data is cross-referenced against our records to identify disconnected or incorrect phone numbers, update locations and hours of operation, add key business roles and contacts, and other information we’ve gathered.

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Use our data to fill in the gaps of what you know about your clients and prospects so you can better understand them and make more informed and effective decisions.

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Use what you already know about your customers to discover similar, high-value prospects, and reach decision makers based on location, industry, job title, and nearly 300 other attributes.

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Use the new insights you uncover to create more personalized and better targeted campaigns, reaching prospects and current customers where they are with messaging that resonates and builds trust and loyalty.

The industry’s most complete coverage of small- and medium-sized businesses

Data Axle offers nearly 300 data points about almost every business in the US and Canada, including the industry’s most complete coverage of small- and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, contractors, businesses operated out of homes and coworking spaces, and other hard-to-spot business types.

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311 New businesses in last week
1.9K Out of businesses in last week
11.6MBusiness contacts
6.3MBusiness contacts with email
9.7MBusinesses with online presence
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Use Data Axle’s products to access all of the data you’re subscribed to within software that enables you and your team to prospect, research, analyze, and leverage our data in real time.

Integrate our APIs into the applications you build to provide them with a wealth of in-depth, real-time data, accurate data that is continually verified by our research team. We offer plenty of documentation and support to make it easy, so you can connect to what you need quickly and stay focused on building a great product or service.

Use our pre-built integrations to supplement the data you have in applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, making it easier to use the software that’s the best fit for your process while still having access to all of the information you need to get the most out of it.

Our diverse team of data specialists can help you find the right data, set up delivery, or handle custom processing whenever you need them. We use a number of proprietary tools and processes developed to cater to our clients’ real day-to-day needs.

Equip your field teams with printed directories containing all of the latest information on businesses in your market and region in cases where technology isn’t available or reliable.

Access Data Axle’s data within public digital marketplaces including DMPs, DSPs, and data exchanges such as Blue Kai, Lotame, LiveRamp, and more to target the audiences you want to reach online.

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