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Unify and empower your data with Audience360™

Marketing and advertising technologies often operate in silos, preventing a unified view of data. Audience360 connects all your data into one centralized, clean system, ensuring consistent and accurate information across all platforms and sources. With an integrated identity spine, you gain control and flexibility over your data.
Harness unified data for superior marketing
and business performance
Connect your data sources
Centralize B2B and B2C zero- to third-party data in one place
Streamline your data integration
Integrate all data sources without being locked into each provider's identity schema
Activate your clean data
Deliver clean, organized data to your ecosystem for better business outcomes

Take control of your data

Having ownership and control over persistent IDs for individuals, households, businesses, sites, and devices is crucial. Data Axle empowers your business by allowing you to define and manage your own business rules, enabling seamless integration of new data sources as needed. Whether it’s internal 1st party systems or external tools and applications, Audience360 liberates your data from the constrains of having multiple data consolidation and identity approaches, empowering you to adapt and thrive as your needs and ecosystem evolve.

Empower my marketing today

Unlock your technology ecosystem potential with actionable data management

Transform your organization’s data into a powerful asset. Audience360 ensures all of your data is clean, organized, and ready to drive predictive modeling, marketing programs, attribution, and actionable insights across your entire ecosystem. Say goodbye to costly disruptions caused by poor data quality and unlock the true potential of your marketing and sales ecosystem with Data Axle.

Unlock my data potential

Gain clarity and maximize data potential with comprehensive data integration

Most companies source data from dozens of providers, often purchased for specific use cases that leave you without the ability to gain a unified view and identify critical gaps. Audience360 seamlessly integrates your existing data sources and incorporates new ones, providing a comprehensive, unified view that illuminates market dynamics. We specialize in identifying overlaps and pinpointing top-performing sources, empowering strategic cost management, and maximizing actionable insights.

Seamlessly integrate my data
"Data Axle has been an invaluable partner in our marketing journey. Their expertise in building and managing our marketing database has allowed us to define our customer segments and integrate personas into our strategies effectively. Their supply of valuable consumer data has significantly enriched our marketing efforts and improved our understanding of our customers and prospecting audience."
Kim Kolakowski, VP Database Marketing, Credit Marketing & Gift Card Marketing
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Is your data strategy up to par?

  • Is all your first-party data centralized in one location?
  • Are your reporting tools and marketing applications using the same data source?
  • How many third-party data sources do you license?
  • Are those sources providing unique value, or are you licensing similar data from multiple providers?

When all your data is connected to an enterprise identity spine, running data audits to identify gaps and opportunities becomes a breeze.

Power your business with a connected data foundation


Proven expertise from a trusted industry leader

With decades of experience, Data Axle is an authority in B2B and B2C data solutions and data-driven marketing programs

  • Trusted by 45,000 global organizations
  • 150+ billion client records under management
  • SSAE18 SOC 2, Type 2 certified; compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Forrester 2024 Wave® leader for B2B Marketing and Sales Data Providers receiving top scores in Data, Data Acquisition and Processing, Data Discovery Capabilities, Data Integrations and Delivery, Vision and Partner Ecosystem.

Our comprehensive solution empowers clients to assume control of their data, optimizing performance and fostering success.

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