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business & consumer records under management


active customer marketing solutions


business and consumer attributes for enhancement


business & consumer records under management


active customer marketing solutions


business and consumer attributes for enhancement

Audience360™: power your business with a strong data foundation

In today’s hyper competitive market with changing customer expectations, enterprise marketing must be founded on clean, accurate data. Audience360 provides the foundation necessary to enable repeatable processing and deliver clean data downstream to marketing tools and platforms powering Audience First marketing initiatives and campaigns.


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Customizable data, data management and distribution

Audience360 is a cloud-based catalog of data, data management and distribution components that can be assembled uniquely based on your data use case.

Get accurate, verified data and manage your existing data sources to avoid duplication and wasteful spending
Data management
Cleanse your data, bring it together with tailorable identity resolution, and enrich it with new insights
Move clean and enriched data into your programs, technologies, and partners for activation​ 

All the data you need in one place

Audience360 allows multi-source ingestion of all data types, including your own data as well as supplemental and 3rd-party sources, with clarity of duplication and prioritization of sources to give you complete control and visibility into your data.

With a rich history as a leading data compiler since 1972, Data Axle has practiced what it preaches, utilizing the core services that power Audience360 to continuously enhance its data management processes to offer exceptional data products.

Data management that makes your data actionable

Work with Data Axle to put technology and processes into place that empower you to equip your whole organization with business intelligence on your objectives, audience, growth strategies, most effective purchase and marketing channels, and much more. By providing a clean data foundation with robust data hygiene capabilities, Audience360 ensures compatibility with your various tools and systems as well as eliminating expensive problems related to bad data problems downstream.

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Single view of your data with customizable identity resolution

A foundation of accurate data linked through our unique persistent IDs supports identity resolution. We match identifiers across data sets, devices, and touchpoints to a single profile helping build a cohesive, omnichannel view of your consumers and prospects – removing the hassle of dealing with duplicative, disconnected, and inaccurate information. Identity resolution is key for supporting your teams’ current and future needs and improving operational efficiencies.

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Built with flexibility in mind

Unlike rigid, black box solutions, our purpose-built services are configurable and will grow with your business. Your data will integrate seamlessly into tools, platforms, and agencies. If your business goals change, you need to add divisions, or your audience makeup and behaviors evolve, our team helps you stay nimble. Audience360 evolves with you, allowing you to make use of your investment for years to come.

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"The Data Axle database solution and our partnership have helped us build a strategy that ties audiences, marketing, and activation of data to create a great digital experience across multiple touchpoints. Through this partnership, we’ve designed targeted digital marketing programs that convert and retain consumers and help build revenue for our network of distributors and installers. "
Lorrie Mizuko, Director Digital & Ecommerce for Consumer Products

Store your data where you need it

Store data on-site, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. Our data management consultants have the hands-on experience needed to provide and implement a custom data storage and management solution that allows you to access your data in a convenient and secure way.

Keep your data secure

Our team of security experts use their hands-on experience in access management, encryption, and security stress testing to manage hundreds of databases for our clients and ensure your data is only accessible to those with permission to use it. If risks are identified, permissions can be securely revoked at a moment’s notice.

Integrate with other tools and platforms

Audience360 allows for flexible movement of data into your existing technology stack. Our solution can be extended to include the use of your own technologies, or those from our partners, to perform reporting, campaign management, analytics, and more.

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"We were looking for a technology and services partner who would empower us to meet our clients’ complex campaign and data needs in order to serve them better. We needed someone who understands our business and has the tools and expertise to support us as we grow and add new clients. Through the breadth of their expertise and the complexity of the technical and service requirements they were able to accommodate, it was clear that Data Axle was the right partner for us."
Senior Director, Marketing Operations, Fortune 100 Insurance Client

Audience360: Combining decades of experience with the best technology on the market

We partner with our clients to resolve data identity issues and power downstream tech and marketing programs. In a market where packaged solutions often fall short; Data Axle delivers the reliable data services that marketers and IT leaders need to drive results.

With Audience360, our clients have seen improved decision-making, reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand reputation, reduced fraud, enhanced compliance, and improved customer experience and loyalty.

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"Data Axle has been an invaluable partner in our marketing journey. Their expertise in building and managing our marketing database has allowed us to define our customer segments and integrate personas into our strategies effectively. Their supply of valuable consumer data has significantly enriched our marketing efforts and improved our understanding of our customers and prospecting audience."
Kim Kolakowski, VP Database Marketing, Credit Marketing & Gift Card Marketing
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