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A single profile of your customers at work and at home

Create a single, unified view of your prospects and customers whether they’re sitting at their desk at work or lounging on their couch at home.

B2C Link combines personal and professional data about your audience to give you a unique view of their business and consumer characteristics. This empowers you to create accurate profiles that allow you to target your existing and prospective customers on their personal or professional accounts – be it email, online, phone number or physical address.

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"Using the rich data available through B2C Link resulted in a spike of insurance quotes and new business. Moreover, using this blended dataset yielded a remarkable 60% increase in our close rate for the region we tested in. The type of insight this dataset offers to our agents is invaluable."
Senior Commercial Business Consultant
Top 3 US Insurance Carrier
Get to know your business prospects’ personal preferences and attributes

Complement your business file with consumer data that allows you to learn more about your business prospects’ personal interests, hobbies, and purchase behaviors, and use this insight to create uniquely personalized campaigns that capture their attention and increase conversion.

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Meet consumers where they spend most of their time - at work

B2C Link helps you get to know consumers on an entirely different level. Gain a better understanding of your best customers’ 9-to-5 routine to inform product strategy, predict when they’re most likely to respond, target them at work, and better cater to their around-the-clock needs.

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Use more specific targeting and messaging to improve ROI

Cut through the noise and reach your audience in meaningful ways through combined business and consumer insights that nobody else can offer, instead of taking costly shots in the dark.

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Activate our B2C Link data in your own way

Use Data Axle’s products to access all of the data you’re subscribed to within software that enables you and your team to prospect, research, analyze, and leverage our data in real time.


Integrate our APIs into the applications you build or tools and platforms you use to enhance them with a wealth of in-depth, real-time data that is continually verified by our research team. We offer plenty of documentation and support to make it easy, so you can connect to the data feeds you need quickly and stay focused on building a great product or developing informed business insights.

Managed Services

Our diverse team of data specialists can help you find the right data, set up delivery, or handle custom processing whenever you need them. We use a number of proprietary tools and processes developed to cater to our clients’ real day-to-day needs.

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