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We’ve hit over 350 business data attributes – here’s what it means for you

The big news

The addition of our recent Commercial Real Estate dataset has pushed our business data to a new high. Data Axle now offers 350 business data attributes – which makes us a leader in this space.

Gain a complete view of your prospects

Our database offers a complete view of almost every business in the United States and Canada – from the Fortune 500 down to mom-and-pop shops and work-from-home freelancers. Our database of business records is updated in real time and features rich information including street address, phone number, hours of operation, number of employees, online presence, SIC code, business contacts, and much more.

Ensure that you are reaching your target audience

According to IBM, bad data costs U.S companies three trillion dollars per year.1
Our business data is human-verified and updated in real-time to ensure you aren’t wasting marketing dollars on bounced emails and returned mailings.

Refine what your target audience looks like

Through our data, you can understand the key activities and behaviors of your best customers. Once you have those, you can model a target audience with similar attributes. Taking a more targeted approach to finding the right audience will increase your marketing ROI and help you meet your business goals.

Tailor your offerings, creative and communications

These attributes give you insights into who your audience is and allows you to fill in the gaps of what you know about your clients and prospects. Better understanding them allows you to make more informed decisions about how to engage and connect with them.

Let’s explore some use cases:

Brand example: Five9 uses common attributes to craft their ideal customer profile

Cloud contact and call center technology company Five9 uses data and customer analysis to craft their ideal customer profile and identify and target prospects who are most likely to convert. Doug Sechrist, Five9’s VP of Demand Marketing, explained their strategy: “Our approach starts with crafting a data strategy and operationalizing it. We look at past wins and the attributes of those customers. We examine those who buy and later become long-term clients.” The team also uses first- and third-party data to identify common attributes of their top buyers and build out rich profiles for their customers and prospects.

These profiles inform messaging for multiple personas and allow Five9 to prioritize their outreach and assign the right sales rep. Top-performing sales reps are given prospects from the highest-priority accounts – those that most closely match the company’s ideal customer profile. The lead development team handles lower priority accounts, while the remaining leads are nurtured with marketing campaigns designed to capture interest and engagement. Their segmentation and targeting strategy, paired with search engine marketing and display ads, has allowed Five9 to decrease the number of “junk calls” with leads who are not a good fit by 81% and drive a 100% increase in enterprise wins generated from online marketing efforts.2

Brand example: Microsoft uses additional business data to better understand the needs of their current customers

Microsoft connects with c-suite executives at key accounts for the company’s services division with their Microsoft Services Executives Board (SEB). The board, made up of technology decision-makers at 30 global enterprises, provides valuable intelligence to help Microsoft understand the internal and external factors that affect their customers, better address member accounts’ needs, and apply those insights across their other customer accounts. Laura Longcore, VP Data & AI Microsoft Services, explains, “The SEB is a great feedback loop to learn from our customers and them to learn from us so we can apply that together.”3

Brand example: Zenrin uses enhanced business attribute data to fuel their consumer product

As a leading provider of digital maps and car navigation solutions serving some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, Zenrin needs to integrate accurate and detail-rich points of interest data into their products. Drivers rely on Zenrin to get them to the right place and on time for their day-to-day activities—from finding the nearest cup of coffee and dropping their child off at soccer, to locating a nearby gas station. They also expect to know important information about their destinations before they arrive. Is the coffee shop open yet? Does the gas station sell E85? Does it have a convenience store? This type of information changes all the time, which means Zenrin needs up-to-date, constantly refreshed business location data to guide drivers. Thanks to their partnership with Data Axle—and Data Axle’s extensive coverage and data verification process—Zenrin knows they’re providing their customers with the most up-to-date data products on the market. Japanese companies are very strict on quality standards. Data Axle’s data is very extensive and trustworthy due to the verification process and cleansing. “We are very happy working with Data Axle and look forward to many more years of great business partnership,” said Yoko Hiji, Senior Manager of Business Development at Zenrin USA. [Learn more about this case study in our whitepaper]

Brand example: Couchbase uses additional business attributes to target high-value prospects

Database company, Couchbase, wanted to boost customer acquisition and increase revenue from existing customers through ABM. The company performed a detailed analysis to discover the most high-value accounts to target, prioritize them, and decide which decision-makers to engage during the sales process. Using business data, intent data, predictive analytics, and their first-party data, the company created a customized ranking of their accounts and used these insights to identify additional targets. This approach, combined with a targeted marketing program, generated a 1371% increase in average order value (AOV), a 10X ROI on the program, and generated $1.5 million worth of sales pipeline within two months.4

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