Predictive marketing leads to prescriptive action
By knowing what will happen next, our clients can take decisive steps toward greater marketing return. Our talented team of data scientists design predictive solutions that produce competitive differentiation for our clients.
Using data to identify opportunities

Our data science team not only builds powerful models and analyses but are equipped to work with large and disparate sets of complex data. Through a combination of AI and machine learning, sophisticated algorithms, and insights, our models provide critical intelligence our clients use for strategic planning, marketing efforts, pricing recommendations, dynamic creative optimization and more to drive economic ROI.


Data flow audit

A Data Flow Audit will assess each data source available and evaluate current state of data capture and collection. We formulate a data evolution strategy based on current and future marketing needs and objectives to remove any gaps in your data. Attention is given to business and marketing metrics that align with your critical KPIs to measure marketing success today and going forward.

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Predictive modeling

Our predictive marketing solutions are designed to maximize marketing budgets by prioritizing the most desirable audiences to engage within a specific timeframe. By designing and executing models and analyses in our data lake, we are not limited by number of records or data sources and can produce machine learning solutions quickly. Models are optimized over time as they learn your data and receive additional inputs with your customer base growth.

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Customer insights

Through our data audit and exploration, we will harness the power of your data to understand key activities and behaviors and measure the impact of your marketing programs on revenue growth. We will prioritize your best customers using their actual value today and opportunity for growth in the future. We identify migration trends by isolating natural behaviors that may increase or decrease over time. Our team will quantify opportunities to deploy and test marketing in multiple channels to evaluate the ideal channel mix.

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"The business data delivered by Data Axle has provided an unparalleled level of intelligence that Verizon uses to improve coverage and service. We look forward to continue using their world-class dataset to develop impactful insights that shape our business."
Manager – Geospatial Data Science, Global Products | Verizon

Breathe life into your audience by developing personas. The vast amount of data we have access to allows us to move beyond traditional persona development to fully analyze your audience. Using our rich profiles, you can create personalized messaging, content, and imagery while testing factors that can influence a stronger result.

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Data visualization

We develop actionable dashboards that monitor program performance using established benchmarks and KPIs. Insights gained can be used to guide the precise direction you take to improve program results.

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Test and measurement

Learning what factors are influencing behavior and continuously optimizing performance is a critical initiative and there are several methodologies we employ based on your marketing calendar and available audiences. Data Science is crucial during all phases of the campaign lifecycle. Accurate pre-campaign steps are needed to ensure reporting requirements and campaign structure will deliver the desired results.

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