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Unveiling the next hotspot: where should Selling Sunset's next spin-off take place?

If you have Netflix, chances are you’ve heard of their smash hit reality show, “Selling Sunset.” The show centers on the Oppenheim Group, an upscale real estate brokerage based in Los Angeles, tracking the experiences of a cadre of rich, fashionable, and glamorous agents as they maneuver through their personal and professional worlds. The show is addictive and has premiered at the #1 spot on Netflix with each new season since 2019. The show also spawned two spin-offs, “Selling Tampa” and “Selling the OC.”

Given the success of the show, we dipped into our business data to help Netflix gain some big-picture insights into where they should set Selling Sunset’s next spin-off. We looked at cities with a population of over 50K, that have the highest number of licensed realtors and brokerages per capita. These densely populated cities have the potential to bring the drama that Netflix needs to expand its franchise.

Did any of the cities on our list surprise you? The insights from this data study are useful to advertisers as they seek to reach and better serve consumers. We’re constantly updating our database of professionals, as well as businesses, big and small, across the U.S. – and our database is always up-to-date and reliable. While you might not be in the real estate business, the analysis provides an understanding of the firmographics of an area, which is a must-have for success.

Our business and consumer data can provide invaluable insights into your market and the information you need to power your product, and fuel success. Contact us to get started.


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