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The top audience segments powering successful CTV campaigns

Connected TV ad spend is growing so quickly that forecasters keep revising their estimates. In fact, Insider Intelligence recently raised their 2022 US CTV ad spending forecast from $17.44 billion to $19.10 billion. The reason? Growing viewership combined with important CTV capabilities, such as identity resolution through online and offline data matching, to improve CTV ad performance. Looking at principal CTV platforms, such as Hulu, Tremor Video, Dish, TruAudience fka Tru Optik and Teads TV, we at Data Axle, have seen over a 96% growth within the CTV industry as advertisers turn to us for audience targeting solutions to get the most out of their CTV investment. In light of this, we wanted to share some important information on the growing appetite for powerful data segments among B2C and B2B marketers alike.

Why invest in CTV now?

Pandemic life changed us all – from video calls, grocery shopping online, spending more time with family and pets at home and trying out new hobbies, all while the economy reshaped itself. It also changed the world of digital engagement, increasing its value and changing the parameters of how businesses historically interacted with their consumers. During the last year the spotlight landed consistently on CTV and it’s easy to see why. eMarketer expects programmatic CTV to grow by almost 40% YOY and more than half of the US population to be monthly CTV subscribers. It’s time to ensure your audiences are targetable across platforms and within the CTV and OTT space.

The increased amount of “at home” time coupled with forays into new businesses and hobbies explain why the increased popularity of segments like Homeownership, IT decision-makers, SMBs, Interests & hobbies shot to prominence via CTV. The entire tech industry had to pivot to sell services to new audiences. For example, the financial services industry rushed to cater to the boom in home mortgages and refinancing and retailers had to find ways to reach audiences that were trying new vocations and purchasing online instead of in-stores.

The rise of privacy-centric data

CTV is also a good investment as we near the deadline for the deprecation of Google’s third-party cookie. With the right audience segments, CTV is a channel that will remain mostly unaffected from this change.

Data Axle’s sourcing practices represent a key differentiator within the current market. Our B2C and B2B segments are curated largely from trust-worthy publicly available sources, allowing our data to maintain a high level of accuracy while remaining compliant with new and emerging online consumer privacy laws.

Data Axle offers an easy way to ensure you have access to the segments you need to address your market, offering new CTV integrations on JamLoop and Cadent CTV platforms. Additionally, you can find Data Axle segments on all your major CTV purchasing platforms such as: The Trade Desk, Hulu, Roku, Teads TV, TruOptik, Tremor Video, VideoAmp, and others.

Looking beyond CTV – data for today’s evolving social media ecosystem

Love it or hate it, there’s no arguing with the fact that social media is rapidly becoming the best place to reach your prospects. In fact, experts predict that in five years, there will be over 4 billion people on social media. We’ve written extensively about the blurring of our consumer and business selves, something that was in progress even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media isn’t just the realm of B2C marketers anymore, all advertisers should be paying attention to social platforms and harnessing the power of Business-Consumer profile to enable holistic, personalized marketing.

Data Axle’s data allows for B2C linking, SIC and NAICS targeting and we draw on 50 years worth of historical data in our segment’s insights, creation, and onboarding protocols. Due to these unique capabilities, you have the option to match your offline data to ours for data enhancements before onboarding your own 1st party data.

Our audiences, both standard and custom, are onboarded via LiveRamp and Oracle Data Cloud using deterministic PII. In fact, 98% of Data Axle’s segments are onboarded via ODC without using emails, while 84% are onboarded via LiveRamp without using emails. You can find or request our audiences for purchase on all major social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Snapchat, Pandora.

Today’s hottest audience segments

If you’re looking for audience suggestions look no further than below to find out what ranked as our top CTV 2021 segments out of our 900+ audiences.

Let’s talk data licensing opportunities and audience segments.

Pankaj Mathur
Pankaj Mathur
VP, Data Licensing

Pankaj Mathur has over 14 years of experience in developing and growing partnerships. He is passionate about customizing solutions to best fit the needs of his clients and helping them exceed their business goals. Pankaj has an MBA in Finance & Strategy from the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.