Predicting 2024

Navigating the Landscape of Innovation in Data & Marketing Technology

Our experts unveil the groundbreaking developments set to influence advertisers, marketers and developers in 2024 and beyond. The upcoming year holds the potential for brands to capitalize on novel opportunities arising from cutting-edge technologies, evolving marketing channels, and increasingly sophisticated marketing strategies.

In our commitment to aiding marketers in reaching their #2024Goals, we’ve consulted with our experts in digital marketing and data science. They’ve shared insights on the prevailing trends poised to fuel growth in the coming decade.

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  • How generative artificial intelligence and augmented AI are changing the landscape of the industry, and how you can harness it’s power to achieve your 2024 goals
  • The latest in data privacy and security, so you can keep your data and your client’s data safe
  • What buyers are looking for and the technology they are interested in this coming year
  • How to activate on the data you have to stay competitive in a global market

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