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Businesses are revamping ABM & content strategies with a GTM & personalization focus


According to the “2024 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” 57% of respondents plan to allocate more budget to ABM initiatives throughout the year, while 54% pointed to content marketing investments. For reference, just 46% pointed to ABM and 43% to content in 2023. This strategic rebirth is primarily fueled by the necessity to deploy personalized content across multiple channels to create a compelling story and drive conversions.

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  • Insightful analysis from DemandGen Report: Dive deep into where and how organizations are investing their budgets to revamp their demand strategies.
  • Hyper-personalization: Discover how marketers are harnessing hyper-personalization techniques like deeper segmentation, dynamic content personalization, and cutting-edge technology such as AI and chatbots for real-time engagement.
  • Strategic ABM and ABX: Explore how ABM and ABX strategies are evolving beyond traditional methods. Learn about multichannel engagement and virtual events designed to create immersive experiences that nurture relationships across decision-makers within target accounts.
  • Innovative content strategies: Uncover the steps needed to infuse emotional storytelling, interactive formats like video and audio, and even humor into B2B strategies. Stay updated on the latest AI-powered tools making a tangible impact on B2B demand generation.

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