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Superior deliverability and actionable reporting
Inboxable’s deliverability monitoring features allow you to accurately measure email campaign performance and develop proactive deliverability strategies.

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Inbox placement monitoring

You can determine each email campaign’s inboxing, spam placement and blocking rate at over 100 ISPs throughout North America, Europe, APAC and Latin America.

Monitor placement in real-time
View each campaign’s inbox placement in near real-time, instantly detect any deliverability issues or even stop a mailing, should a major block occur.

View metrics by geographic region and by ISP
Identify which ISPs are causing issues with your mailings, and where they are located to expedite remediation and minimize damage.

Deliverability metrics at a glance
Export deliverability metrics in your choice of .pdf or .xlsx formats to easily incorporate them into presentations or KPI reports.

Blocklist monitoring

ISPs enlist the help of blocklists to determine which emails should be blocked in order to protect users from irrelevant or malicious messages. Inboxable allows you to track how your IPs and sending domains are performing at all major blocklists.

IP and domain scanning
Your IPs and domains are scanned against all major blocklists on an hourly or daily basis, depending on the blocklist’s size and potential impact.

Link scanning
Messages that contain a link to a blocklisted domain can easily be blocked. Link scanning ensures that each link in the body of an email is block-free.

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"Inboxable’s Deliverability tool is clean and user-friendly. It provides inboxing reports for our campaigns within minutes of deployment and captures all critical need-to-know deliverability metrics. If an issue needs to be addressed, we can always rely on Inboxable’s deliverability team for investigation and resolution. That is… if they haven’t resolved it already. "
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Creative rendering

Creative rendering allows you to view how email campaigns render across web, desktop, and mobile clients so you can ensure emails and CTAs are readable and clickable in all environments.

Preview creative in multiple ways
Test email creative to ensure proper rendering in over 60 different email web, desktop, and mobile clients.

Speed up design and collaboration
Export creative previews in .pdf or .csv formats for easier rendering issue detection, design direction, and documentation.

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Engagement measurement

ISPs evaluate email marketers on many different criteria, including how often recipients engage with their emails. Inboxable allows you to monitor engagement to avoid blocks.

View in-depth read metrics
Track detailed engagement metrics like read time, skim time, and glance time to understand how long each subscriber interacts with your message.

See location to monitor compliance
Monitor where subscribers are opening your emails, to ensure you are compliant with email regulations.

View platform and browser stats
See the most popular mobile devices and web browsers used by your audience, to ensure your campaigns are rendering correctly.

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Multi-client management

Whether you have multiple sub-brands or are an agency looking to extend email deliverability services to your clients, Inboxable is the email deliverability platform that can be tailored to meet demands at the individual and multi-brand level.

Client toggle
Users are able to track/toggle between multiple clients managing email programs within a single instance.

Customizable notifications/deliverability performance alerts
Each individual user can create customized deliverability performance alerts/signal thresholds to monitor their program’s performance without the need to log in to view performance manually.

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