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Valentine’s day – by the numbers

Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it, the popular holiday has an immense impact on the economy every February 14th. What is more synonymous with Valentine’s Day than flowers and chocolate? We used our verified business database, Data Axle, to take a deep dive into the business of romance in the U.S.

Say it With Flowers

Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year for the flower industry. But flowers are big business all year round. Did you know there are 29,168 retail florists in the U.S.? Is Miami, Florida the most romantic city in the U.S.? It may be, since it is the city that spends the most on flowers, with one Miami sales shop making as much as 99 million in sales volume annually. Miami’s penchant for flowers puts Florida as the top revenue-generating state in the U.S. for the florist industry. However, Miami is only number six on the list when it comes to the overall number of florists in the state. Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY and Houston, TX all beat out the sunny coastal city. While Miami reaps the most revenue from its 222 retail florist listings, Los Angeles has 356 and NYC has 302.

Sweets for Your Sweet

Sending flowers to your Valentine is a good start, but no gift is complete without candy. There are over 6,000 candy and confectionery stores in the U.S. for consumers to choose from. Californians might be second to Florida when it comes to flowers, but it’s #1 when it comes to sweets. California has 1,003 candy and confectionery retail stores, almost double the amount of New York state, the second leading state in the industry with 535 store listings.

The Best City to Find a Valentine

All those who are searching for a Valentine have no need to despair. There are 642 dating services in business in the U.S. In West Hollywood, California, residents are dropping big bucks on dating services. The sunny city spends between 5-10 million dollars on dating services annually. However, west coasters aren’t the only ones looking for love, New York City has the highest number of dating service businesses – with 37 listings.

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