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The digital revolution: tips & trends as we look ahead

In 2022, the Data Axle team dedicated resources to tools, people, and technology to ensure our clients achieved their business goals. In this blog, we look back on the partnerships we’ve made and the impact we have had on the marketplace. Let’s dive in:

Partnership Growth

From The Trade Desk to Oracle and Facebook we expanded the scope of our existing partnerships to open the doors to new and exciting ways for our clients to help grow their businesses and exceed their KPIs. We also made some new, exciting partnerships – with JamLoop, Cadent, Narrative, Beeswax, and ActionIQ, to name just a few.

Top Performing B2B and B2C Audiences

Which B2B and B2C segments are your competitors targeting in 2022? Let’s take a look:

3 tips to stay ahead as we enter 2023

1. Stay on top of ongoing data privacy legislations

In 2022, privacy legislation was a major topic of conversation, and it is expected to remain so as we move into 2023. Companies are closely monitoring privacy laws to provide the best advice to their customers. The European Union’s GDPR and California’s CCPA are the current industry standards, but other countries and states, such as Japan, Australia, Brazil, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, Nevada and Virginia, have their own laws governing consumer privacy. Although there is no agreed-upon industry standard yet, organizations such as IAB are working to create a set of guidelines for standard practices.

The continual emergence of privacy regulations means that permission-based data, like that used for our acquisition email services, will remain valuable. These laws may make it harder for companies to execute 1-to-1 programs, but our permission-based data can help to overcome those difficulties. What will work the best over the long term? “Fostering consumer trust,” says Sal Pecoraro, Data Axle’s SVP of Technology Solutions. “Consumer trust to hand over their data, aka ‘consumer opt-ed in consent,’ is the key to the long-term success of addressability and measurement.”

2. Prepare for the deprecation of cookies

As Google has indicated that the third-party cookie will be deprecated at the close of 2023, resilient cookie-based channels are more vital than ever. The industry is taking steps to replace identifiers and third-party cookies, necessitating a shift in the way we pursue targeting, accumulate first-party data and assess our campaigns. During 2022, we laid the groundwork to be able to offer our customers contextual and AI-based targeting in 2023.

3. Curate custom audiences

The importance of custom audiences cannot be understated, especially for smaller and larger advertisers alike. By leveraging custom audiences, advertisers gain access to detailed attributes often not available to the public, as well as experienced data experts to ensure their data strategy is effective across their marketing cycles. Data Axle is an example of a company that offers this service, utilizing data from sources such as real estate, voter registrations, search and browsing history, and purchase history.

In 2022, we created custom audiences for large-scale advertisers. We collaborated with LiveRamp to support Neptune Retail Solutions in establishing an annual flat-fee partnership. Learn more about our custom audiences.

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