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The 25 best cities to keep your new year’s resolution

It’s a new year and a new you. But the success of your 2022 resolutions hinges more on where you live than you think. Some of the most popular new year’s resolutions include establishing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving back to the community through volunteering, reading more and learning a new skill or hobby. Using our industry-leading business data, we calculated which U.S. cities provide the most support for self-improvement enthusiasts by offering services designed to help them reach their goals.

From gyms to libraries to craft stores, these are the U.S. cities that are home to the highest number businesses to help you reach your new year’s goals per capita.

Did any of the cities on our list surprise you? The insights from this data study are useful to advertisers as they seek to reach and better serve consumers. We’re constantly tracking businesses, big and small, across the U.S. – and our database is always up-to-date and reliable. While you might not be in the business of self-improvement, the analysis provides an understanding of the firmographics of an area, which is a must have for success.

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Methodology: Data Axle based this list on the U.S. cities with the greatest concentration of businesses spanning health clubs, nonprofits, book sellers, libraries and hobby and craft stores per 10,000 residents.