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Our solutions help you decide whether it’s right to extend credit to a business, determine the viability of a business partnership, and more. We have the data you need to make smarter business credit decisions today.
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Business credit reports

Gain financial insights including business credit scores and important business information for your customers when you discover details on more than 62 million US businesses including privately owned, small, or hard-to-find companies. Our streamlined, intuitive business credit reports include:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Number of years in business
  • Estimated sales volume
  • Number of employees
  • Company executives
  • Credit rating score
  • UCC Lists
  • Recommended credit limit
  • Company news
  • And more
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Enhanced Insights

Add important elements to your business credit reports and gain deeper insights into the companies you’re looking to do business with. Choose from:

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Experian’s Intelliscore PlusSM v2.0 
A predictive risk score that helps you identify accounts at a higher risk for severe payment delinquency ensuring you can make fast, reliable credit decisions. It includes enhanced features such as an “emerging market” model segment for new companies, and a cascade approach for using blended business and consumer data on business owners.
Alert monitoring
Now included in the cost of purchasing Experian’s Intelliscore Plus v2.0. This service helps notify you of any changes to the Intelliscore Plus v2.0 for a given organization over the course of 12 months (from date of purchase), giving you an extra level of insight that allows you to grow your business while mitigating risk.
UCC Lists

Access the most up-to-date Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) lists and business data. UCC data is used to identify businesses in need of capital, qualify prospective customers, and find companies most likely to be interested in your products and services

Custom analytics

Uncover data-driven insights to help with credit decision-making, risk management, and reaching your business goals. Our predictive models can help you better understand things like risk profile, profitability, and growth potential of your existing customers. Choose from:

Recency/Frequency/Monetary (RFM) model

We’ll analyze your existing customer data to identify your best customers by examining their purchase and spend behaviors. We can also categorize customers into high, medium, and low revenue tiers allowing you to focus your resources where they’ll best serve you.

Cross-sell/upsell model

By analyzing customer data, such as purchase history, we’ll identify which of your customers are good candidates for up-sell and cross-sell efforts with growth potential.

Win-back model

Analysis of lapsed customers’ purchase behaviors and characteristics of your current best customers can be used to predict which customers are most likely to respond to win-back offers.

Retention model

Utilizing data from your sales records, we’ll build a model to predict which new customers are likely repeat buyers or one-time buyers ultimately helping you focus your efforts on deepening relationships with customers who are at higher risk of leaving.

Acquisition/cloning model

Looking to add or grow your list of your best customers? Allow us to use your existing customer data to build a model that will identify prospects in our database that have the same characteristics as your best customers.

Response model

Using your mail file, we can build a model that will identify the most significant attributes of those who respond to your direct marketing efforts, and then identify prospects in our database with those characteristics.

Verified Seal

Place the Credit Solutions Verified Seal on your website to enhance your credibility. Encourage existing customers to expand their relationship with you and show new prospects that you’re trustworthy. Choose from our:

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Annual Seal
The annual Credit Solutions Verified Seal shows that your company has been verified by Data Axle. So not only has the existence of your business been confirmed through publicly available information, but Data Axle researchers have also contacted your company to confirm the details we have about your business.
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