October 26, 2020

Intertel Extends Partnership with Data Axle to Gain Real-time Intelligence for Medical Canvassing Solutions

Business location data enhances quality and efficiency of claims research services

DALLAS—October 26, 2020—Data Axle, the leading provider of data and real-time intelligence solutions announced today a partnership with Intertel, a nationally recognized leader in medical canvassing. The partnership will provide Intertel’s insurance clients access to the most reliable and accurate medical business listing data critical for effective claims research and evaluation.

Data Axle will provide real-time business location data required for Intertel to drive its research and deliver accurate and up-to-date information for its medical canvassing solutions to its clients. Through this renewed agreement, Intertel will leverage Data Axle’s Search API to query medical industry listings such as clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies at any time. The collected intelligence will help their clients verify the medical services available at those locations and safeguard against fraudulent insurance claims. Intertel contacts roughly one million medical facilities per year to collect information on behalf of its clients.

“Data Axle’s rich medical provider listing information supplies Intertel’s industry-leading medical canvass program with critical intelligence,” said Steve DeRossett, president of Intertel. “The accuracy of Data Axle’s data is a huge benefit to our clients as it shortens the claims validation process.”

Prior to teaming up with Data Axle, Intertel relied on search engine data, but the process was complicated and the data quality was suboptimal. Intertel was able to streamline the data collecting process, access more detailed medical business classifications, and see a significant improvement in data quality by leveraging Data Axle’s industry-leading business data.

“A major component of Intertel’s success depends on the business location data they use to drive their research. We’re thrilled to support Intertel and help them operate faster and more efficiently,” said Doug Parsonage, Vice President of Data Licensing at Data Axle. “It is great to see the difference that the depth and quality of our business data are making for Intertel’s operations.”

To learn more about Data Axle’s data and APIs, visit https://www.data-axle.com/our-data/apis/ or call 1-866-DATAXLE.

About Intertel, Inc., An Ontellus Company
Intertel provides professional, cost-effective medical canvassing as well as other intelligence solutions to assist in identifying pertinent information for the insurance claims industry. With dedicated staff serving insurance companies, self-insured companies, and third-party administrators around the world, Intertel knows how to obtain legal, ethical, and actionable information on questionable claims. Intertel, the nationally recognized leader and industry architect, provides the most secure, consistent, and quality information to the claims industry. Intertel is part of Ontellus who provides Records Retrieval and Claims Intelligence Services for Insurers. http://Intertelinc.com/

About Data Axle
Data Axle, formerly known as Infogroup, is a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions for enterprise, small business, nonprofit and political organizations. The company’s solutions enable clients to acquire and retain customers, and enhance their user experiences through proprietary business and consumer data, artificial intelligence/machine learning models, innovative software applications and expert professional services. Data Axle’s cloud-based platform delivers data and data updates in real-time via APIs, CRM integrations, SaaS, and managed services. Data Axle has 45+ years of experience helping organizations exceed their goals. For more information, visit www.data-axle.com.