June 10, 2020

InfoUSA Results Launches All-in-One Marketing Platform to Empower Small Businesses

Expanded offerings include prospect and nurturing emails, look-alike customers, and more

DALLAS, June 10, 2020 – Earlier this year, InfoUSA Results, a product of Infogroup, released its Starter Package to help business owners get online with a mobile friendly website, Google™ listings and ads, plus the know-how to use technology to communicate with their customers.

Building upon the existing Starter Package, the InfoUSA Results Growth and Max Reach packages help elevate businesses by offering expanded marketing services like automated online ads, nurturing emails, and the use of artificial intelligence to find look-alike customers.

To introduce the additional InfoUSA Results packages and help spur the growth of small businesses, new users get the first month of the Starter, Growth, or Max Reach package for free when they pay for the next three months.

“We stand by all business owners who want the benefits that a full-service marketing team typically brings but may not have the necessary resources or expertise to make that a reality,” said Mark Cullinane, president of Local Marketing Solutions. “The Growth and Max Reach packages will help them reach their target audiences everywhere from the mailbox to their mobile device.”

In today’s current social distancing environment, digital marketing is more important than ever for business owners to reach out and connect with prospects and existing customers. It is critical to keep visitors informed by dynamically updating website and social media content. InfoUSA Results does this for its customers because information changes by the minute.

Our team of dedicated marketing experts is passionate about making sure businesses have the resources they need to keep growing and serving their prospects and customers. For more information about InfoUSA Results or to learn about our packages, call 866.542.2555 or visit www.infousaresults.com.

About Infogroup and Data Axle

Infogroup is a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions for enterprise, small business, nonprofit and political organizations. The company’s solutions enable clients to acquire and retain customers, and enhance their user experiences through proprietary business and consumer data, artificial intelligence/machine learning models, innovative software applications and expert professional services. Infogroup’s cloud-based Data Axle platform delivers data and data updates in real-time via APIs, CRM integrations, SaaS, and managed services. Infogroup has 45+ years of experience helping organizations exceed their goals. For more information, visit www.infogroup.com.

About InfoUSA Results

InfoUSA Results was created to help partner with businesses to boost their online presence and marketing offerings. Our in-house experts power the all-in-one solution business owners can rely on. The product is backed by Infogroup’s over 45 years of providing top firms best-in-class data, sales, and marketing solutions. For more information, visit www.infousaresults.com.