January 25, 2021

Data Axle study shows almost 30% of donors increased their charitable giving in pandemic

Detailed survey report on donor preferences, habits, and behaviors assists nonprofits as they plan for 2021 and beyond

DALLAS — January 25, 2021 — While half of charitable donors report they give the same amount as they did prior to the pandemic, 28% say they’ve upped their donations, according to a new study from Data Axle. The report, titled The New Best Practices for Connecting with Today’s Charitable Donors, gives nonprofits a detailed view of donors’ preferences and behaviors, enabling greater precision as they plan how to target and optimize fundraising and donor acquisition efforts for each donor segment.

Recognizing that the pandemic, given its economic impact, could potentially alter the landscape for charitable giving, Data Axle endeavored to better understand the dynamics of “giving” during that period. To do so, Data Axle, surveyed more than 1,200 Americans who regularly donate to nonprofits. Despite the pandemic, not only were donors giving more in aggregate, they were less likely to shift or change their charities of choice. Ninety-three percent of donors say they have not changed the nonprofits they support in the wake of the pandemic, reflecting a willingness to contribute more to the causes they had long supported, despite prevailing economic and societal uncertainty.

“While most donors kept calm and carried on as the pandemic spread, a number of groups made subtle shifts in their donations and focus,” said Data Axle Nonprofit Solutions President Stephanie Ceruolo. “Nonprofits should note these changes, even as the clear message overall is ‘Stay the course.’”

Highlights of Data Axle’s donor survey report include:

  • 51% of respondents said they haven’t changed the amount they donate in the wake of the pandemic. 28% said they donate more than they did pre-pandemic, while 21% said they give less
  • Younger donors were more likely to have increased the amount they donate — 39% of donors aged 18-29 and 33% aged 30-44 gave more as the pandemic hit
  • A higher percentage of men than women reported giving more since COVID hit (30% vs. 26%)
  • Democratic donors were more likely than Republican donors to give more in the wake of the pandemic (50% vs. 30%)

“With the economic impact of the pandemic, it is remarkable that so many donors have increased their contributions to nonprofits,” said Data Axle Chairman and CEO Michael Iaccarino. “The fact that the nonprofit sector has not been affected by the pandemic is a testament to the power of their donors’ dedication to worthy causes and the importance of delivering the right message consistently.”

For the complete survey results and insights, visit https://www.data-axle.com/resource/new-best-practices-for-connecting-with-todays-charitable-donors/.

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