A top 5 US health insurer uses data to deliver localized acquisition programs

Database services, consumer data, and expert analytics power customer acquisition

reduction in disengaged website visitors
lift in acquisition rate for target audiences, depending on segment
estimated hours of labor saved through efficiency improvements
percentage point increase in quality of leads


This Data Axle client, one of the 5 largest health insurance companies in the US, offers health coverage, as well as dental, vision, emergency assistance, life and disability insurance to almost one million members worldwide. Like many insurance companies, the provider offers a wide range of products to both B2B and B2C audiences and these products can vary greatly depending on the region – down to the zip code level – making it extremely difficult to have a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and acquisition.


In a traditional industry that is heavily regulated and slow to change, this insurer needed to adopt modern marketing strategies to allow them to take a macro approach to acquisition that translated to hyper-targeted initiatives for local markets. They worked with Data Axle to develop a plan that would enable them to capitalize on their technology stack and wealth of data to reach their target audience – which could range from senior citizens who need supplemental Medicare coverage to business owners searching for health care solutions for their employees – while also promoting the right products for local markets.


A recent merger with a large healthcare conglomerate gave this Data Axle client access to valuable data owned by their partner. Data Axle’s team was tasked with helping unify and leverage their legacy data with the new data they gained access to through the new partnership. In addition, they turned to Data Axle– to provide additional consumer attributes to help the company build a more complete view of their prospects and customers.

Data Axle’s database solutions gave the insurer a centralized location for their integrated database as well as advanced targeting and real-time messaging capabilities – all while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

Data Axle then helped the insurer use their data to create geo-targeted acquisition campaigns – combining location data with demographic audience attributes such as age and occupation to target consumers with products that served their specific needs and were available in their area.

In addition, the insurer used data to create dynamic messaging and display ads on their website that delivered personalized, relevant content to each new member and prospect, using location data to display only the products available in their area. Data Axle also helped the insurance company improve efficiency by creating assignment rules to deliver leads to the right sales partners and automating nurture streams to help guide prospects along their lifecycle journey.

“Supplementing our data with Data Axle’s consumer attributes helped us build a more complete view of our prospects and customers and resulted in an 8.2% lift in our acquisition rate. In addition, Data Axle’s database solution gave us a secure, compliant, and centralized location for our integrated database which enabled us to access the insights we needed to execute hyper-local acquisition programs.”

Sr Director, Marketing Analytics


The insurer was able to build a scalable, locally relevant acquisition program for a regulated product with extremely small geographic footprints, using data to create hyper-targeted messaging that effectively converted prospects into new members.

By leveraging data to improve relevance and ensure consumers are only offered products/services that are available in their area, they saw a 32% reduction in disengaged website visitors, leading to better conversion rates. Their call center experienced an impressive 5 percentage point increase in lead quality because consumers who were ineligible for products based on their location were no longer routed to sales staff. The geo-targeted acquisition program has driven a 4% to 8.2% lift in acquisition rate for their target audiences, based on the specific segment.

”Data Axle has given us the tools and technology to execute a personalized, local-level acquisition program – delivered at scale and driving excellent results. Our localized acquisition approach is increasing growth across multiple product offerings for both our B2B and B2C audiences.

Senior Director, Digital Analytics
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