ALLMEDX revamps email program to reach health care professionals

Improving inboxing rates, domain and IP reputation, to provide vital medical information to clients


  • Delivered increased daily COVID-19 emails to medical professionals with full inboxing
  • Reached 100% inbox placement at all major ISPs
  • Increased Gmail reputation to high level
  • Safely grew mailable audience by significant amount
  • Unique open rates increased, unique click rates increased


Launched in 2018, ALLMEDX is a machine-learning-powered medical search engine that connects healthcare providers with clinical information from authoritative medical sources while filtering out unreliable or irrelevant results. As a healthcare industry start-up, ALLMEDX relied on email as a crucial communications channel to drive engagement and expand the company’s user base among physicians and clinicians – sending regular emails which included valuable medical articles, research, and quizzes. Because email was critical for the company’s growth, ALLMEDX decided to invest in cutting-edge email and strategy services including deliverability and email engagement enhancements.


ALLMEDX worked with Data Axle’s Inboxable team to implement deliverability and email best practices to help the company improve inboxing rates, domain and IP reputation, and increase traffic. The Inboxable team proposed a multi-step plan which included implementing deliverability technology with real-time monitoring capabilities, creating a new subdomain, opening up direct communication with ISPs (internet service providers – Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, etc.), and building strategies to reactivate subscribers. The Inboxable deliverability experts served as an extension of ALLMEDX’s marketing team, giving them consistent access to deliverability support while growing and strengthening their marketing program.


Inboxable and ALLMEDX were able to increase inboxing and engagement through:

IP reputation enhancements and monitoring

The Inboxable team established direct communication with ISPs on behalf of ALLMEDX to enhance deliverability. The team also improved feedback loop settings at major ISPs (including Hotmail/Outlook) so ALLMEDX could proactively adhere to best practices if a user reported emails as spam. In addition, Inboxable’s deliverability platform gave ALLMEDX access to real-time seed list data (results from test email accounts across multiple ISPs), reputation data from ISPs’ postmaster tools, and blocklist and spam trap monitoring. Finally, Inboxable’s deliverability experts provided additional ongoing monitoring services to help the company prevent deliverability issues.

Domain Configuration Improvements

The Inboxable team enhanced ALLMEDX’s original domain configuration by creating a new sub domain that was configured according to best practices and optimized to assist with inbox placement. The new setup included authentication protocols to help ISPs (and subscribers) verify that emails were coming from a legitimate sender and to protect the ALLMEDX from spoofing (when cybercriminals send emails with a false sender address) – a particularly important consideration in the medical industry where spoofing and phishing are common concerns. The team also created a ramp up strategy to warm up the subdomain, build sender reputation, and avoid any flags from ISPs on the new domain.

Engagement strategies

To lift site traffic and further improve their deliverability processes ALLMEDX and Inboxable enacted several strategies to re-engage subscribers. ALLMEDX’s preference center gives subscribers more control over the content type and frequency of messages they receive. As inboxing rates improved, the company was able to build a roadmap to slowly re-engage subscribers. In addition, when ALLMEDX rebranded their emails, Inboxable provided guidance on the new template – like unsubscribe link placement and styling – to help improve deliverability.

COVID-19 Communications

At a time when many health-related businesses and non-profits were struggling with deliverability, ALLMEDX had the team and strategy in place to get critical content to doctors and health care professionals on the front lines. The company was able to avoid the deliverability issues that many healthcare companies encountered when they needed to quickly ramp up communication frequency and contact an extended portion of their subscribers. Even throughout the COVID-19 crisis, ALLMEDX has been able to maintain 100% inbox placement at all major ISPs.

“The deliverability and engagement strategies we’ve implemented with the help of the Inboxable team have transformed our email program. In a few short months, we are seeing 100% inboxing rates across all major ISPs, our IP and domain reputation have increased, and we’re seeing industry-leading open rates and strong engagement from our audience.”

Carol Nathan, Interim CEO, ALLMEDX
Mike Kephart, Chief Technology Officer, ALLMEDX


The email program improvements provided by Inboxable have boosted results in a number of areas. ALLMEDX has reduced bounce rates and safely increased mailable audience. They have also improved both their domain and IP reputation at Gmail by two tiers. Finally, the company has successfully increased engagement and website traffic through email; their unique open rates have improved and unique click rates have improved since entering a partnership with Inboxable.

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