Vendor Assessment Worksheet: choosing a wholistic data partner

Use this comprehensive evaluation form to decide which data provider will help you achieve your business goals.

November 25, 2020   |   4 min read

As most marketers and sales leaders know, (or have found out the hard way), accurate data in your CRM platform means higher productivity, better reporting, informed decision-making and faster revenue growth. When it comes to selecting a partner to provide accurate data, not getting it right the first time means going through a costly replacement process. Capabilities and add-ons such as lead generation, customer service, implementation and price also need to be taken into account. As you search for a data partner to feed accurate data straight into your company’s CRM platform, ask your potential providers to clarify their capabilities and data practices to ensure they can meet your business needs.

This worksheet provides a framework to help you assess potential data partners based on crucial criteria, skills, and best practices. For each question, simply select the answer that is most applicable to each vendor you’re evaluating to find out which one is best for you.

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