Marketing Strategies

The three Rs of remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is as simple as recycling through doing just that: recycling data on your customers that’s already collected through multiple facets online and in-store. With the captured data on-hand, triggered remarketing campaigns become easy touch points to add within the lifecycle marketing cycle. Here are three easy R’s to spark ideas around remarketing strategies.


Build your audience by taking product information from a simple site visit or one-time purchase and automate a triggered campaign for your customer with that product encouraging them to revisit your site and consider purchasing again. You can do that through programs such as:

  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Browse Abandonment


Instead of hitting your customer with a run-of-the-mill promotional email (i.e. one that’s sent to the masses and not segmented or personalized) use their historical purchase data to recommend new products. Products that have an expected timeline for running out are another easy automated win since you can remind your customer their vitamins are low or makeup is almost depleted.


Loyalty rewards and VIP programs are key touch points where unique personalization is imperative to making that customer feel truly valued. Integrating product data in triggered messaging creates relevant and unique linkages back to the online marketplace. For instance, request feedback after a customer purchases a specific product.

Executing on these three R’s requires a long-term testing strategy in order to pinpoint the number of customer interactions, prioritize the campaigns, and determine suppression rules from the generic marketing program. Dynamic content—product images, descriptions, and purchase pages—allows customer data and triggered schedules to do the work instead of the email marketer. All in all, remarketing campaigns are quick wins through recycling the insights already gained about your customers.

Megan Gullickson
Director, Solutions Management

Megan Gullickson leads clients through the launch process, fosters new integrations and executes those developments as a Solutions Manager in the Chicago office. She has spent 7 years in the marketing industry with background in direct mail, user interface development and email from both the client and agency side. The knowledge gained through various marketing channels helps fuel the passion to always be thinking outside of current capabilities to big picture opportunities.