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Q2 marketing calendar 2023

From April until June, there’s a lot to celebrate! From Easter to Father’s Day, let’s take a look at the cultural touchstones that allow advertisers to connect with consumers and some of the groundbreaking campaigns we can all learn from.


When you think of Easter, you probably don’t think of temporary tattoos. However, temporary tattoo company, Tattly, saw an opening to offer consumers something of value and give them an in. Tattly used their powers of design to create attractive eggs that consumers would want to recreate from home. Then, they emailed them a guide on how to recreate the impressive easter eggs at home. By offering consumers something that would make their holiday more fun (and impress their friends and family), with no strings attached, Tattly increased the chances of these consumers converting down the line.

Earth Day

It makes sense that National Geographic would create a compelling email campaign for their subscribers. Their target audience is one that cares deeply about our delicate ecosystem. Their Earth Day email included an easy CTA that gives the reader an option to “take the pledge” to reduce single use plastic and share their commitment on social media. This is a fun way to keep subscribers engaged and make use of “user generated content.” This means National Geographic is leaning on their subscribers to increase their reach on social media. The people who take the pledge and share it are likely to have like-minded followers, which could lead to an increase in engagement and/or social media followers and newsletter subscribers.

Mother’s Day

Dunkin’ is going in for the one-two punch for Mother’s Day, offering email subscribers an easy way to send e-gift cards along with a greeting card. This is a great option for people who live far from their mothers or who didn’t get to the store in time. They also offer some really fun and free printable cards, which can be colored in and presented to moms by children. For anyone who didn’t plan Mother’s Day in advance, this little email could be a lifesaver.

Pride Month

June is Pride month and advertisers are starting to engage with this celebratory month. Queer communities are big on ‘chosen family,’ as many lose the support of their biological families and need to rely on friends. Clothing retailer H&M tapped into the spirit of Pride and showcased their knowledge of the ‘chosen family’ dynamic in their pride month commercial.

Father’s Day

Tired of getting Dad a belt, tie or shaving kit? At-home fitness company Peloton offered two classes just for dad and tried to rope in new subscribers with a special offer. They also showcased that they are more than just an indoor cycling company by promoting their movement tracker, treadmill, and strength and yoga flow classes.

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