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Q1 marketing calendar 2023

We know you invested everything you had into Q4 – both in terms of budget and invaluable time. But Q1 brings a new year, a fresh start and brand-new KPIs to hit. We’ve compiled some of the Axle Agency’s work with See’s Candies and Yard House to demonstrate some innovative angles for your Q1 campaigns.

The Super Bowl…and Valentine’s Day?

Putting the most important day in sports and the most romantic day of the year together in an ad isn’t the most intuitive move. Some might see it as mixing chocolate and steak. Each is great on its own, but you don’t want to eat them at the same time. However, See’s Candies put the two together in a fun and creative ad that found the similarities between these two Q1 keystone events. Namely, that people love snacks and you need them for a successful Super Bowl Party or Valentine’s Day gift.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. See’s Candies appealed to the procrastinator in all of us by promoting their pop-up shops, where last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers could pick up gifts without having to wait on shipping or get the last box of dusty convenience store candy hearts.

National Drink Wine Day

In 2023, National Drink Wine Day, a holiday dedicated to exactly what it sounds like, falls on February 18. See’s Candies doesn’t sell wine, but they took the opportunity to show off the pairings that could make this fun “holiday” even sweeter.

St. Patrick’s Day

Sometimes going simple is the most effective strategy. Yard House showed off their St. Patrick’s Day themed beer in an email that is clean, and showcases green beer at its most aesthetically pleasing.

See’s Candies took a more maximalist approach, creating a fun, limited-time St. Patrick’s Day themed line of treats. While Yard House’s ad caters to adult celebrants, See’s Candies’ approach lets people bring their kids in on the fun.

March Madness

March is for basketball lovers! Yard House knows that aspirational images, in this case, celebrating March Madness with friends, works well for engaging consumers. They used a gif to also showcase their “IPA Madness” promotion, which is a limited time flight of 4 different IPAs. The combination of an aspirational image and an offer is sure to get customers through the door.

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