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Our most loved content of 2022

2022 was a busy year – Data Axle turned 50, the Winter Olympics were held in Beijng, the global population hit 8 billion, and Google delayed the deprecation of the third-party cookie…again. However, one thing remained constant, how much you loved our content! We’ve rounded up the most read, downloaded, and watched resources from our thought leaders. Did you miss any? Now’s the time to catch up.

The whitepapers you loved most

Generational shifts in marketing preferences
Our original market research struck a chord with advertisers looking to better engage their audiences by target demographic. You won’t want to miss these critical insights.

Omnichannel: The ultimate guide to creating integrated campaigns
As the lines between business buying and consumer buying habits are being blurred, this whitepaper explored how you can turn data into actionable insights to give buyers what they really want – personalized, relevant, timely messaging.

Crawl Walk Run: The CTV advertising playbook
Check out these best practices and tactics to help your get the most out of your CTV campaigns; and truly integrate CTV into a long-term, omnichannel strategy.

Unleash the power of acquisition email: Market research
Our recent report uncovers what’s holding marketers back from leveraging this proven channel, and how to best unleash its power to drive performance, transparency and scale within omnichannel acquisition programs.

Our most watched webinars & presentations

Harness the power of CTV in your omnichannel program
Tune into this recorded webinar where our Director of Creative and Strategy, Kevin Limongelli, shares tips on designing and implementing a data-informed omnichannel CTV campaign.

7 tips for leveraging data in an age of disruption
Dive in to the hard truths behind changes in the business landscape that companies need to stay on top of, and how to obtain and leverage data to exceed your business goals and meet KPIs. In this webinar, our Chief Product Officer, Rohan Chandran, shared expert tips you won’t want to miss.

Elevate your email program with email template systems & sticky content
We were proud to present at the Email Insider Summit in May. Watch the recording and learn how to optimize your email design and keep content fresh, along with tips for easy adaptation.

How hyper-personalization is changing the game for retail
This sponsored webinar spoke to our retail audience. Watch and learn why it’s crucial for brands to adopt a full-funnel marketing strategy.

The articles that got the most attention

What is acquisition email? Why it’s an essential tool in your marketing toolkit
The first in our series of acquisition email blogs gives the 101 on the email channel and why you need to incorporate it into your customer acquisition strategy.

The role of data in acquisition marketing
In the last five years, customer acquisition costs increased roughly 60% for B2B and B2C companies. Here’s how to use data to inform your marketing program to drive business growth while lowering CPA.

How to harness the power of emerging channels in your campaigns with data
Many of our readers wanted to be in the know about the “buzz-worthy” channels that operate as the perfect connection to reach the coveted Generation Z and millennial markets.

Everything you wanted to know about first-party data
Reliable first-party data is one of your most important strategic assets. In this blog we shared everything you need to know about first-party data, from ethical collection to real-world applications.

Improving health outcomes through a robust data strategy
We sat down to chat with Armando Luna about the role of data in driving health outcomes for seniors throughout America and how CVS is trying to change the way we think about Medicare.

2022 industry trends: deliverability
Is your new year’s resolution to improve your inboxing rates? Catch up on the year’s deliverability trends.

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