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Industry news round-up: The AI hype free – but with robots!

This week’s data on data newsletter is all no AI hype, with a focus on emotions – a hot topic as we approach the holidays. Plus the finance robots have already arrived, Cali’s AG drops CCPA deets, mining sentiment data for intent marketing, and more.

In The News

Hey Siri, Can You Invest My Life Savings?

You may want to rethink that finance major because Bloomberg reports that robots will cut 200,000 finance jobs by 2029. However, experts are delving into how “computerised finance could concentrate wealth” leading to an even wider gap between the rich and everyone else. [The Economist]

Tapping Into Social Sentiment Monitoring for Intent Data

Monitoring sentiment data is nothing new – marketers have been doing it forever for brand tracking purposes. But what about marrying it to predictive analytics in order to successfully decipher a consumer’s intent and target ads accordingly? [Target Marketing]

SAP’s New Foray Into Emotional & Pop Culture Marketing

SAP, the data-analytics firm whose CEO just resigned, is trying a new direction for lead generation: emotional and pop culture marketing that reaches a broader audience, based on their data that (a) emotional ads get more clicks, and (b) decision-makers are often accompanied by staff who like celebs. [AdExchanger]

IPG’s New Data Sub-Brand for Marketers

Sort-of fresh off of its Acxiom acquisition (a year is a long time in advertising years) IPG has launched Kinesso, which AdExchanger notes encompasses “agency ad tech unit Cadreon, the internal data hub AMP, and the Mediabrands Data and Technology group.”

Automation is Hot. Biases? Not so much

Everyone may want automated machines but nobody wants a repeat of Tay, Microsoft’s friendly turned vicious chatbot that Taylor Swift is suing. In a podcast, Wharton statistics professor Johndrow talks about how to remove bias from predictive modeling. [Wharton]

The CA AG Dropped The 1st Draft of the CCPA

Hot off the Cali Law presses, their Attorney General has dropped the 1st draft of the California Consumer Privacy Act. [Cnet]


Delivering Meals on Wheels

Team members from the NYC office ran around in the rain to deliver meals to senior citizens. #goteam! [LinkedIn]

Chart of the Week

What People Use Alexa, Google & Siri For The Most

Guess Alexa reading a Wiki entry on a product really is exciting to most! [eMarketer]


“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

Sir Authur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes 🕵️‍♂️. Can’t confirm nor deny that quote made it into the movies.