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Data-driven advanced TV strategies to elevate your media plan

The advanced TV landscape has exploded in recent years. With the rapid growth of OTT and CTV media, obstacles resulting from walled gardens, and the subsequent operational complexity – it’s difficult for media buyers to keep up.

One of the many challenges of this new marketplace has been defining and aligning on the terminology we use. For example, what do we mean when we say OTT (over the top) or CTV (connected TV)? While these terms are often used interchangeably, they have clear and distinct meanings. OTT encompasses any type of long-form video programming, regardless of what device it is being watched on. On the other hand, CTV is a subset of OTT that is viewed on a TV set – either through a smart TV or a streaming device – and not on a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. You may be surprised to know that addressable TV isn’t a “type” of TV. Rather, it refers to the method by which you can target audiences at the household level and close the loop by quantifying campaign impact in terms of business outcomes. Addressable TV can be linear TV that is addressable through a cable set-top box, or CTV that is addressable via IP addresses.

Now that you have a better understanding of the advanced TV lingo, it’s time to build a media plan. To help you get started, we’ve outlined just a few of the ways you can leverage data to improve your brand’s advanced TV campaigns and drive successful outcomes.

3 Data-Driven Strategies for Advanced TV Advertising

1. Use OTT/CTV and Addressable TV to Complement Your Digital Advertising

While digital advertising mainly focuses on direct response, marketers have recognized that advanced TV is still television, which means it is the best medium for increasing reach and driving brand awareness. In addition, addressable linear TV can be used to target specific households and “heavy-up” on reaching high-value audiences. For brands that run predominantly digital advertising, advanced TV is an excellent complement because it provides digital-style metrics with the added benefit of strong branding equity – all at a considerably more affordable cost than network TV. Depending on your desired business outcomes, you can benefit from activation on OTT/CTV, addressable linear TV, or across both.

2. Leverage Third-Party Data to Target the Right Audience at the Household Level

Fragmentation of the TV landscape and an increase in cord-cutting has caused a shift in TV viewership. At the same time, the volume and variety of data now available to marketers is greater than ever before. Valued data partners like Data Axle can provide brands with high fidelity data and unparalleled access to consumer insights. These data segments are readily accessible within Aperture platform, mapped to the household level, and can be activated on OTT/CTV and addressable linear TV – allowing marketers to reach the right audience with their cross-screen TV media plans.

3. Deliver your message across all TV screens for a full-funnel approach

Cross-screen advertising has the power to drive customers further down the marketing funnel to convert. Notably, we must consider both changes in consumer behavior and viewing habits to reach folks wherever and however they are watching. Today’s data-driven TV advertising enables marketers to amplify and reinforce their messaging to targeted audiences, helping foster brand loyalty or educate new customers, and ultimately – drive sales. With advanced TV platforms like Cadent’s Aperture, marketers can target, plan, execute and measure across multiple types of TV media. By activating their message across all TV screens, brands can engage consumers at key moments throughout the buying process and drive greater return on ad spend.

As the media landscape continues to shift, brands need to find ways to help future-proof their advertising. Linear TV still commands a significant audience, but as more and more consumers incorporate OTT/CTV into their viewing habits, advertisers should explore ways to evolve their TV strategies. Further, improved targeting and measurement capabilities are driving increased investment in advanced TV advertising, so now is the time for your brand to get started.

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Brett Sanderson
Brett Sanderson
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cadent

Brett is an experienced technology marketer with a proven track record of developing and executing go-to-market strategies that effectively communicate the value of differentiated products and solutions.