Best practices for personalized creative by generation

Why you need to use data to inform your creative strategy

Harnessing the power of data-driven creative ensures that your campaigns reach the intended audience at precisely the right moment. It empowers you to deliver personalized, tailored messages that resonate with diverse audiences.

The importance of speaking to different generations

We’ve done extensive market research that has shown different generations are more engaged with different messages on a variety of channels. For example, email is the preferred channel for Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen X to receive communications from brands and advertisers. However, Gen Z prefers to hear from companies over social media.

From a marketer’s perspective, effectively communicating with audiences has never been more challenging, given that each generation’s preferences and behavior vary significantly. By relying on data, your team gains a solid foundation and invaluable insights to guide decision-making, enabling you to create customer-centric campaigns that yield a superior return on investment (ROI). Embracing data-driven strategies enhances your ability to engage effectively, optimize results, and maximize the impact of your efforts.

Meet HODA International, a fictional nonprofit

To show you how data-driven creative can work, we have developed a fictional nonprofit, Humans of Data Axle (HODA). HODA provides international relief in developing countries, aimed at supporting and empowering women and children.

HODA faces the following challenges:

  • Their technology needs to be updated to reflect, and take advantage of, current trends
  • While they have been successful in the past at encouraging people to donate for the first time, they struggle with converting those people into repeat donors. Donor retention is down, and that affects their ability to hire staff, update technology, or provide care.

With this information we can start crafting our campaign and leveraging our data to speak to different generations.

Click through the slideshow to see how.


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Kevin Limongelli
Group Creative Director

Kevin Limongelli is Group Creative Director at The Axle Agency