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6 best practices for marketing to the New Year’s Eve homebody

New Year’s Eve is generally a time when consumers meet up with family and friends to ring in the new year with a sense of togetherness. However, the global pandemic is putting the kibosh on big NYE bashes in the name of public health and safety. Even before the pandemic, the younger generations were taking the night off from partying. A 2019 YPulse survey found that 69% of 19-37-year-olds said they would rather stay in on New Year’s than go out. Self-care rituals and binge-watching have replaced partying for younger consumers who want to enjoy NYE at home.

For marketers, this means a change in traditional NYE campaigns. Where you might have emphasized products and services that are suited for a night out, like party dresses and limo rentals, now you need to strategize to appeal to those planning a night at home. Breathe new life into your New Year’s campaigns with these ideas to keep you connected with your audience and boost conversions.

1. Run a contest/giveaway

Everyone loves a gift! Holding a contest or a giveaway is a great way to increase social media following and audience engagement while shoring-up your first-party data. To increase followers, brands can create rules that include following the brand or tagging a friend to be qualified to win. You can also ask for additional demographic or psychographic information at the point of entry that you can use for campaign planning.

SodaStream USA ran a giveaway on Facebook, requiring entrants to leave a comment with their New Year’s resolution. The contest allowed the company to learn more about their audience’s values, such as – what they want to accomplish in the new year and what is important to them? The brand can take that information and use it to deliver personalized messaging throughout the new year.

2. Support subscribers’ 2021 goals

“New year, new me,” is the rallying cry of the new year; 2021 isn’t an exception. Brands can frame advertisements to support their subscribers’ goals for the new year and offer deals to make their products more enticing.

reMarkable is an E Ink writer tablet for reading documents and textbooks, sketching, and note-taking with the goal of a paper-like writing experience. The brand sent out the below email to encourage subscribers to order a tablet that would help them keep track of their 2020 goals.

3. Send them a “Year in Review” campaign

Take the opportunity to remind your customers how much they used your service over the past year with a ‘year in review’ new year’s email. From Spotify and Fitbit to Eventbrite, many brands implement this type of campaign, that offers a summary of a consumer’s experience with the brand throughout the year and creates a sense of connection.

Grocery Delivery service, Shipt, sent out a ‘year in review’ email in 2019. The email started with a summary of the individual customer’s Shipt use and then zoomed out to paint a picture of Shipt’s impact on the communities they served in 2019. Use of online grocery delivery rose 35% in 2020 , so Shipt has an even more compelling story to tell their customers this year.

4. Suggest ideas to stay entertained at home

Just because there won’t be any parties this year doesn’t mean consumers can’t have fun. Brands should tailor their ads to suggest products and services that will keep consumers entertained at home. Companies that sell games, puzzles, books, and at-home spa treatments have a tremendous opportunity to connect with audiences. For example, streaming company, Netflix, suggested 10 family-friendly shows for parents and kids to watch together as they ring in the new year.

5. Offer free delivery for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day

Everyone is staying at home – and chances are they are going to order food, alcohol, and party supplies to celebrate. Competition between food delivery app behemoths Uber Eats, Seamless, and Doordash is going to be fierce. Other delivery services need to make sure they offer discounts and free or expedited delivery to stand out from the crowd.

Alcohol delivery service, Drizly offered customers $5 off their orders or free delivery for New Year’s Eve deliveries with a code.

6. Send well wishes

You don’t need to bombard consumers with holiday deals – chances are they shopped your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas deals already. Sending an email or posting “Happy New Year” on social media are good ways to connect with your audience and let them know you want to be a part of their new year. Outerwear company, Holden, sent the below email to their customers. The images evoke memories of good times and reinforce the brand’s image as fresh, young, and fun.


The pandemic doesn’t mean that brands and consumers alike can’t celebrate the new year. There are still plenty of creative ways brands can connect with audiences through their NYE messaging.

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