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3 ways to engage a growing audience segment on NYE

Planning for New Year’s campaigns is often prioritized behind major shopping holidays like Black Friday or Christmas – in part due to timing (the last holiday of the year) and, for many industries, the lack of conversion-driven focus. In addition, when New Year’s Day falls in the middle of the week, it can dampen the festivities and lead to underwhelming campaign engagement.

However, a little-known trend has caught on among millennials and younger consumers and it’s influencing how they celebrate New Year’s Eve. These consumers are leaving ‘FOMO’ behind and embracing staying in as the new going out.1  For NYE, that means defying cultural pressures to go out and choosing to avoid the sweaty crowds and high cover charges for NYE parties. Instead, they are celebrating at home, making this ‘homebody economy’ segment less receptive to the classic New Year emails that often speak to consumers who are planning a night out.2

So how can marketers tap into this emerging market for NYE? We’ve got 3 campaign ideas (plus examples) to get you connected with the (staying)-in crowd:

Embrace the homebody

Unlike previous generations who touted saving money as a primary reason for staying in, these “homebody economy” consumers are about inviting the festivities into their homes. They simply care about (and will spend their dollars) on comfort and convenience as well. For marketers, that means running NYE campaigns aimed at elevating the stay-at-home experience for consumers.

Domino’s ran a popular influencer-based NYE campaign by partnering with lifestyle social media influencers to promote and incentivize followers to have a stay-at-home pizza party as they ring in the new year.

Highlight self-care

It’s the end of the holiday season and consumers are exhausted and ready to ring in the new year with some rest and relaxation. Brands can become a part of this recovery process by running campaigns that focus on ways to relax after the holiday frenzy. This approach means pumping up self-care themed content such as tips to unwind at home, ideas for experiences to help them relax, or suggestions on products for post-holiday pampering. And judging by the hygge-inducing campaign examples from Philosophy and Pottery Barn, the creative possibilities here are endless!

Remember that it’s not any less fun

The golden rule for this approach is to not skimp on a campaign’s wow factor just because it’s targeted for a stay-at-home audience. They still plan to participate in the festivities – with the fancy champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and party favors included. So themed campaigns don’t need to downplay the celebratory tone, they just need to invoke the same festive atmosphere, enjoyed at the comforts of one’s own home. So, go ahead and inspire your audience to splurge on some party food (see GrubHub example) or show them how to throw the ultimate New Year Eve’s Soiree via a step-by-step blog post (see One Kings Lane example).


Younger homebodies may be crushing the hopes of their local nightclub by staying in this New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t mean the end of your holiday campaigns. Just get creative and be prepared to meet these consumers where they are – even if that means they are in their pajamas.

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Gurjit Sandhu
Marketing Manager

Gurjit Sandhu has been in digital and direct marketing for over 6 years, delivering marketing and event management solutions in both fast-paced corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Energized by strategic thinking and the power of marketing technology, she collaborates closely with cross functional teams at Data Axle to spearhead multi-channel communications that highlight product innovations.