Generational shifts in marketing preferences

Exploring the emerging trends in marketing preferences by generation

Over the past decade, advertisers have adapted to the boom of technology and the introduction of various new marketing channels and tactics. From a marketer’s perspective, effectively communicating with shoppers has never been more challenging, given that each generation’s buying habits vary significantly.

We surveyed consumers of all ages to find out which marketing tactics and channels resonate with each generation to help you streamline your advertising efforts and tailor your strategy to your target audience.

Highlights of this survey report include:

  • 96% of consumers feel loyal to a brand, and 84% engage with advertising from brands they are loyal to.
  • Email is the No. 1 channel for all generations except Gen Z, which prefers social media.
  • 81% of all consumers want to receive personalized communications from brands they buy from.
  • The industry consumers want personalization from the most is Food & Beverage

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