Managed services

Our data experts will help you find the right data to reach your goals

Data Axle’s team of data specialists will find the right data, set up delivery, and coordinate custom data processing to meet your requirements.
A personal touch to data selection

The amount of available data can be overwhelming and often it’s not clear which type will drive the most value. Whether you are looking for the right list based on known requirements or aren’t sure what you need, our team will guide you to the perfect dataset for your needs.

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Expert data processing

If you already have a lot of data, you need to know where the gaps are so you can fill them. With over 50 years of experience in data processing, we have dozens of custom tools and processes to ensure you receive the cleanest data possible and to deliver it into your systems for activation.

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Delivery options that fit your business

Once you have defined the perfect set of data, our team will ensure that the usage agreement and delivery options are also set up to match your needs. From one-time purchases, to recurring delivery, and net agreements our teams are there to meet your needs.

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Our managed data highlights:
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Looking for other ways to access and activate data?

Use Data Axle’s proprietary products to access all data you need in a searchable and easy-to-use interface, analyze and filter it to find what you’re looking for more easily, submit updates to adjust or correct any information, and create and export custom reports on demand.

Integrate our APIs into the applications you build or tools and platforms you use to enhance them with a wealth of in-depth, real-time data that is continually verified by our research team. We offer plenty of documentation and support to make it easy, so you can connect to the data feeds you need quickly and stay focused on building a great product or developing informed business insights.

Use our pre-built integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to supplement the data you have in your customer management or sales enablement applications, making it easier to access accurate, up-to-date data while still using the software that’s the best fit for your process.

Equip your field teams with printed, CD, or DVD directories containing all of the latest information on businesses in your market and region when technology isn’t available or reliable.

Access Data Axle’s data within public digital marketplaces including DMPs, DSPs, and data exchanges such as Blue Kai, Lotame, LiveRamp, and more to target the audiences you want to reach online.

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