Consumer transaction data

Unique access to household purchasing behavior
Representing over 100 million households, our data gives unprecedented insight into real-world consumer buying behavior.
1.5B monthly transactions
100M+ households
20+ product categories
250+ subcategories
Thousands of pre-aggregated segments
Monthly updates
Comprehensive consumer insights

The more you know about your customers, the more relevant your marketing initiatives can be. Incorporating transactional data into your strategy allows you to speak directly to what customers value most.



Main product categories

Plus, access to 250+ subcategories and thousands of pre-aggregated segments to find purchasing patterns that enable you to fine-tune your messaging.

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Unlocking growth potential: transform your business with data-driven insights
Marketing optimization

Enhance marketing campaigns with detailed consumer insights, leading to improved targeting and engagement across digital and traditional channels.

Sales and pricing strategy

Analyze transactional data to inform sales strategies, optimize pricing, and forecast demand for increased revenue and profitability.

Customer experience enhancement

Tailor product offerings and improve customer experience by understanding consumer preferences and behaviors.

Data-driven decision-making

Enable data scientists and business intelligence professionals to develop advanced models and drive strategic decision-making processes using comprehensive transactional data.

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What’s in our consumer transaction database?
monthly transactions
annual discretionary spend
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