Get real-time insight into the makeup of Canadian consumers
Get to know consumers on a personal level and use the insight to fuel your marketing, research, product development, and more.
Learn who your customers are and what they want

Target your audience based on age, gender, location, income, credit rating, and hundreds of other attributes so you can deliver more effective messaging and more relevant experiences that better convert various segments of your audience.

Use unique data to learn what they buy

Use transactional data to identify consumers who have previously purchased in your product category – be it in the last month, 6 months or a year. Seize this opportunity to win over brand new customers by cross- or up-selling your products and services.

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Learn what matters to your customers

Consumers are complicated and demanding – they want to connect with the business they patronize. Use psychographic data like hobbies, interests, values, attitudes, and lifestyle choices, to learn what matters to them and build a relationship.

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What’s in our Canadian database?
data sources
Canadian consumers
Clean, update, and validate your data

Use our data to validate what you already know, remove duplicates, and eliminate out-of-date information so you can create time- and cost-effective campaigns that reach the right people.

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High coverage and quality, in real time

The data we gather on the Canadian consumer market comes from more than 100 publicly available sources, including real estate, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, bill processors, and more.

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