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    Accurate data with comprehensive coverage 

    You want to provide your customers with the best possible product and user experience – we’re here to help. Our data provides you with complete business and consumer profiles, updated on a continuous basis to give you the freshest, most accurate, most reliable data that your customers and/or users can rely on.

    Data Axle’s industry leading location data can provide you with unique point of interest (POI) data to power your applications for a variety of use cases. Our world class consumer data can help build actionable insights leveraging a 360 degree view of the customer to predict fraud, determine foot traffic patterns, and so much more.

    Sign up today and sample our data for 30 days. Highlights include:

    • Detailed location data on over 17 million businesses
    • Profiles of over 280 million individuals
    • 700+ business and consumer data attributes
    • 8 APIs to perform key processing directly into your own platforms
    • Flexible file options such as JSON, XML, CSV, Pipe Delimited, and FLAT CSV formats
    Unmatched data quality

    With Data Axle’s business data, you can get access to unique attributes such as location parent relationship, lat/lon, number of tenants in a building, corporate franchise, payment types, restaurant reservations, cuisine type, takeout, meal delivery services, square footage of a building, population density, and more.

    After you see the value Data Axle’s data can deliver, start licensing the data and receive the data in the manner most relevant to your needs via API or a direct file download.

    Data Axle is trusted by:
    Frequently asked questions
    How do I sign up?

    Just register with your email address to get started. We don’t ask for payment until after you’ve completed the trial and we discuss the next steps for registration for full access.

    How does the free trial work?

    For our 30 day trial period, you can choose access to either our business or consumer database. You will have access to the Search (search, scan, match), Insights, and File Delivery API’s for up to 3,000 records.

    What if I can't test using API's?

    No problem. Your free trial also provides access to our web app via which you can test functionality to run counts, tally records, and download files.

    What happens when the free trial ends?

    When your trial is over, you can contact our team to choose the package that best suits your needs.

    What packages are available?

    There are two packages available. We have Standard and Enhanced packages for both Business and Consumer as well as add on packages.

    Is support included?

    Yes, of course! An account manager is available by phone and email. Your success is our most important metric, so we’ll make sure you are supported every step of the way.