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Apogee, our cooperative donor database, is built on Data Axle’s Consumer Database and powered by data contributed by over 1,000 members. Apogee offers data on millions of supporters who've made over two billion individual donations, making it easy for nonprofits to identify and reach known donors, advocates, and voters.
Reach more donors and get to know them better

Data Axle’s nonprofit team has unparalleled experience working alongside charitable, political, and social causes across a multitude of verticals. Leveraging our data, we partner with hundreds of organizations data to acquire new donors, reactivate lapsed ones, raise more funds from existing contributors, and improve overall return on investment. As data compilers, we continually invest in, aggregate, and verify the best and most accurate data out there. Verified donor data from our members, enhanced with data from more than 175 million households in our consumer database, makes Apogee a leading source of donor data.

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Increase your organization’s impact by driving more donations

Data Axle’s donor database includes household and transactional data, voter file history, channel responsiveness, and rich demographic and psychographic intel. Our members use this data to understand consumers as people and connect with them on a personal level, through the most effective marketing channel mix, to build meaningful, long-term relationships.

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Expand your reach into diverse donor segments

Our donor database offers one of the largest and most diverse pools of donors in the nonprofit and political sectors. Our coverage includes:

  • African-American donors
  • Hispanic donors
  • Asian donors
  • Donors by party affiliation (both Republican and Democrat)
  • Donors of diverse faith

Let our team of experts help you amplify your multichannel efforts with these diverse audiences today!

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"Cloud-based infrastructure coupled with artificial intelligence, turn all of Apogee’s data sets into sophisticated models. These cutting-edge methodologies make it even easier for clients to identify quality prospects with the highest likelihood to donate and increase life-time contributor value."
Colin Anderson
GM, Donor Cooperatives
Trustworthy, accurate, and actionable data

Now, more than ever, companies need clean, accurate, and secure data, along with appropriate compliance measures. That’s why we’re committed to validating all data before it is added to our donor database and are adhering to strict rules that help us maintain the integrity of both our data and our sources.

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Maximize member benefits to grow your donor base

You must be a contributing member to use our donor data, but there is no long-term commitment. We have built trusted partnerships with our members by offering benefits that get them closer to their goals. Member benefits include:

  • Consulting and data science services to maximize revenue and donor lifetime value
  • Cloud-based environment enables predictive AI machine learning models
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Integrated digital campaigns to extend reach
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Use our Apogee donor database to:
Identify and acquire
new donors
Increase donors'
lifetime value
Maximize return
on investment
Identify opportunities for multichannel fundraising
Activate our donor data through our managed services

Our diverse team of data specialists can help you find the right data, set up delivery, or handle custom processing. We use a number of proprietary tools and processes developed to cater to our clients’ real day-to-day needs.

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