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Drive growth through predictive marketing

For more than 45 years, we've partnered with nonprofit and political organizations to find and activate new prospects, advocates, and donors. Data Axle starts with your data, enhanced with millions of data points, to craft and deliver relevant multi-channel campaigns and improve supporter acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.
Find new prospects to sustain your mission

Donor acquisition is no longer a single-channel game. Data Axle’s acquisition solutions combine data, analytics, strategy, and campaign services to ensure we’re leaving no mailbox, email, or IP address “unturned” to find valuable supporters of your mission. We’ll leverage a mix of lead generation, sophisticated models, and intent, transaction, and behavioral data to create a custom solution based on your needs.

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Empower your org to make a larger impact

Though accurate data, expert strategic guidance, and smart multichannel campaign planning, we can help you identify and reach the people who are likely to support your organization — be it through their lifetime value or their consistent showing at the polls.

Reduce cost per acquisition

We know your budget must go a long way, and the costs of direct mail continue to rise. We can help you reduce campaign costs and improve response through efficient multi-channel acquisition strategies by targeting only the people who are most likely to contribute to your cause.

Expand channel reach

Our data enhancement, hygiene, and onboarding capabilities will help your organization find, reach, and message advocates and prospects across the right channels to deliver the best response and incite action. Whether you’re an integrated marketing expert or a newbie, we’ll help you make sense of constantly changing consumer preferences and behaviors.

Keep your community engaged

Use our data and expertise to learn more about your community, tailor your campaigns to their needs, and drive long-term loyalty. Many nonprofit organizations are trying to replace invaluable signature and in-person fundraising events – we can help you uncover new strategies to find high value donor, corporate partners, and sponsorship revenue.

Develop a data-driven, long-term strategy

If you can predict what happens next, you can make adjustments now. Our Data Sciences team transforms data into intelligence through advanced campaign analytics, predictive models, and machine learning. We can help you identify micro-segments within your file and uncover new audiences to drive growth now, and in the long-term.

Partner with award-winning creative and strategy teams

Our dedicated creative, data, and strategy teams work with your organization to create and execute campaigns — from ideation, through design, to deployment — that support your goals, whether they are to raise money, drive action, attract volunteers, or just keep in touch with your supporters.

"The success DAV has enjoyed is due, in so many ways, to our relationship with Data Axle. I am grateful and proud of our partnership and appreciate our conversations and friendship – “we” have an amazing team."
Susan M. Loth
Senior Development Officer, DAV
What is your biggest challenge today?

In a world of growing attrition rates and shrinking prospect universes, donor acquisition is exceedingly challenging and expensive. Our consumer data and media planning approach cut your work in half by enabling you to target and reach active charitable donors.

We can further assist through our expert agency and execution services that can create compelling cross-channel campaigns with personalized messaging, cadence, and deployment channels to ensure you reach the right people, in the right places, in the right ways.


You already know it’s less expensive to keep the donors you have than it is to attract new ones, but retention comes with a lot of challenges – evolving donor expectations and behaviors, changing environment dictating shifts in support for different causes, shifting donor demographics and many more.

The more you understand these challenges, the better equipped you are to create programs that tackle them while keeping donors aware, interested, and engaged for years to come.


In order to make informed strategic decisions that bring you closer to your organization’s goals and expand your support of your cause, you need two things: data and insights.

Our consulting and data sciences teams provide just that — the business intelligence to power your organization’s growth through goal, program, and donor prioritization, improvement of campaign effectiveness, repositioning of your message, and much more.

"Over the last decade, we've helped hundreds of nonprofits bond with millions of new members and donors and raise tens of millions for their worthy causes. This is our life's work, many of us for over 30 years, and today we're joined by a growing team of new, young talent with a new perspective."
Niely Shams, President, Nonprofit Solutions
Data Axle
Put our donor data to work for you

Data Axle’s donor cooperative database, Apogee, is built on Data Axle’s Consumer Database and powered by data contributed by over 850 nonprofit members. Our donor database offers data on millions of donors who have contributed over a billion individual donations, making it easy for nonprofits to identify and reach potential donors using data that can’t be found anywhere else.

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"The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association has been working with Data Axle since 2015. The results we have seen in our direct mail response using Data Axle have been very strong. Our most recent direct mail campaigns exceeded all expectations. We surpassed our budget goals just three weeks after the mail date, and to date have exceeded budget by $60,000 for that campaign."
Alisdair Sewell
Manager of Direct Response
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