Physical Directories

Up-to-date business and consumer data via printed books, CDs/DVDs, and online

Our physical directories allow you to have uninterrupted access to our data via printed book, CDs/DVDs, and online access wherever you are and regardless of coverage.
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Data Axle’s physical directories serve up some of our specialty consumer and business lists via printed books, CDs/DVDs, and online. The directories are commonly used to find leads and information on vehicle data, big businesses, executives, manufacturing companies, real estate, church lists, physicians and surgeons, wholesale retailers, and much more.  

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New name, same legacy

Our directories carry a storied past and a tradition of data quality. Although they have long been part of the Data Axle family, our directories were originally known by two different names, Polk and Hill Donnelly. Polk City Directories was originally founded in 1870 and family-owned by Ralph Lane Polk. Hill Donnelly is widely known as the Criss Cross Directory, which dates back to 1917. Both now make up Data Axle’s physical directories, and offer our data in formats that make it easy for you to do business.

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Online directories

Find the right local directory for you by state, city, ZIP code, or metropolitan area. Our online directory is updated monthly, offers convenient 24/7 access, and gives you access to the most complete data and search options.

Printed book directories

Trusted for more than 100 years, our printed book directories are organized by name, home number, business number, wireless number, and address. They also provide home ownership, home value, and adult age ranges. These physical books are available in hard or soft cover.

CDs and DVDs

Search for prospects by income level, homeowner status, years at their current address, and more. Our CDs and DVDs also include lifestyle data such as presence of pets or children in household, hobbies, and more.

Wireless numbers

Our directories include up-to-date wireless numbers for business and consumer contacts.

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