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We design & execute comprehensive omnichannel strategies for nonprofits. Custom audiences built on in-depth audience modeling can be leveraged across all channels, to help you reach and acquire a wide range of diverse donors and retain current donors. From direct mail, email, display, social to emerging channels like CTV, our clients can trust us to reach interested donors where they live, at the right with the right message.

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Put our donor data to work for you

Data Axle’s donor cooperative database, Apogee, is built on Data Axle’s Consumer Database and powered by data contributed by over 1,000 nonprofit members. Our donor database offers data on millions of donors who have contributed over a billion individual donations, making it easy for nonprofits to identify and reach potential donors using data that can’t be found anywhere else.

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American Heart Association exceeds year-end goals with new cross-channel acquisition program

American Heart Association had a large segment of inactive donors in their database, which affected their inboxing rate and reduced their reach. This digital cross-channel activation program drove phenomenal engagement rates and grew the size of the client’s active email database just in time for year-end giving.

growth in size of active email database
improvement in gmail deliverability
over benchmark for open rates
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"Multiple touchpoints really did make a difference in having a successful campaign…Most nonprofits do not have the bandwidth to have people who can keep up with this and when you do have problems, Data Axle can go in and resolve them. That’s one of the things Data Axle did for us."
Sherry Minton, Director of Direct Response
American Heart Association
Individual donations
Unique political mailers across the aisle
unique giving households
What is your biggest challenge today?

We have the data you need to drive acquisition. Our co-op databases, Apogee and DonorBase, provide high-quality data which serves as the foundation of a successful acquisition program. We build and deploy custom omnichannel programs that allow you to engage and convert donors.


Donor retention is crucial to sustaining your cause. We develop a data-driven, holistic marketing program, tailored to your donors, to increase donor engagement and retention. Strategies such as personalization and microsegmentation allow you to identify and focus your efforts on engaged, high-lifetime value donors.

Direct mail

We know direct mail is the lifeblood of the nonprofit industry. Our data is frequently cleaned, verified and updated to ensure you have the addresses you need to make sure your campaigns are hitting mailboxes. We work to enhance direct mail campaigns through audience development, analytics and consumer data while ensuring nonprofits optimize the value of the touchpoints they have with their donors.

"Over the last decade, we've helped hundreds of nonprofits bond with millions of new members and donors and raise tens of millions for their worthy causes. This is our life's work, many of us for over 30 years, and today we're joined by a growing team of new, young talent with a new perspective."
Niely Shams, President, Nonprofit Solutions
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"The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association has been working with Data Axle since 2015. The results we have seen in our direct mail response using Data Axle have been very strong. Our most recent direct mail campaigns exceeded all expectations. We surpassed our budget goals just three weeks after the mail date, and to date have exceeded budget by $60,000 for that campaign."
Alisdair Sewell
Manager of Direct Response
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